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Education in the UAE past and present

No description

alia al kaabi

on 11 November 2015

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Transcript of Education in the UAE past and present

Education in the UAE now days
After discovering petrol, UAE developed in various fields, there's foreign teachers, new technology like the project, new classes will be I pads.

Education in the UAE in the past
Firstly, everybody used to learn with self education, then by simulation and friction, after that learning by taking knowledge from teachers, until what we have now a days.

development of the education in the UAE
Firstly, it was about koranic schools, then it became to scientific seminars, after that comes the semi-formal, and finally the modern education.

Life and education in the past
Life previously was very hard, and that reflected at learning. To go for school, you should walk for 2 or 3 kilos on foot while you are hanging your tools. The class was about a tent, sit on the ground, write with a feather on a sheet of leather and listen for your teacher.
Education now days
Now life is easy. You go to school by bus or your car, You have a special school uniform, you get your information from internet or the school library, teachers have many ways to explain the lesson. Its more easier than the past.
Comparison between the product and the UAE
It shows the development from the past to the present and how they were learning in past and now.
done bye:
Alia khamis
Amna mohamed
Maitha khaled
Maram hasher

Education in the UAE past and present
Comparison between the product and self
we are living is changing that happening to the education. Also we must to help them to keep developing

Comparison between the product and the world
show other countries that we are developing our education including: technology's and teaching strategies also to share it with other countries.
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