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Have a good idea for a new biz, what next?

Some advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Prezi by Christopher Zobrist czobrist@cal.berkeley.edu

Christopher Zobrist

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Have a good idea for a new biz, what next?

Have a great idea... what next? ? Christopher Quang Zobrist
Entrepreneur and Angel Investor Designers Engineers Business People Entrepreneurs * Idea Opportunity Opportunity = Idea + Action Inventor Entrepreneur = Key Question:
Is this a good idea or not? Four Simple Steps Assess Your Strengths and Experience Learn from Steps 2-3 and Iterate Prototype to Validate the Opportunity Find out what Customers Need Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 A strong team is made of people who are great at wearing one or more "hats"
Develop your skills in the hats that fit you best
Work with co-founders who are great at wearing the other hats Who are our target customers? What do our customers need? How can we design a solution our customers will buy/use? What are the key User Requirements? How can we minimize development cost? How do we make our first sale? How do we sustain our business in the long-term? How do we get more resources when we need to expand? Who can we partner with to make our business successful? Alan Kay, Inventor of Object Oriented Programming How do we make contracts with customers and suppliers? Big Idea #2:
Start-up is a Team Sport Projects to Support Start-ups in Vietnam + Co-Creation Space
+ Start-up Services
+ Seed Funding For more information, e-mail: czobrist@cal.berkeley.edu We know this guy, right? How about this guy? We can find out in Two Big Ideas
1) How to Validate your Business Idea

2) Start-up is a Team Sport Good idea? How do we build it with the resources we have? Big Idea #1: Validating the Opportunity Startup Events Need vs Want Mike Markkula
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