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The Depression in Appalachia

No description

Decima Baker

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of The Depression in Appalachia

Ruth Clark
The Depression in Appalachia
The Great Depression hit the Appalachian Region hard.
If the men found work the women and children were required to take care of the Farm ("Appalachian,Impact of the Great Depression" 1).
The Depression still has an impact on Appalachia
Mining is a key element to the Appalachian culture and livelihood.
Mining safety has drastically changed ("Coal Mining in Appalachia..." 1).
Family is a key element in Appalachian Culture and Literature
Large families were very common, along with blended families
Most families lived together which is comparable to clans ("Appalachian Culture" 1).
Born in 1925
Lived in Appalachia her whole life.
Comes from a blended family.
Widowed at the age of 42 with 7 kids, three of which were still in the house.
Went to work at the age of 50.
Has never wanted to leave this area: "I always felt like my roots was deep here in Virginia and in the Mountains."
Connections to
River of Earth
School and education were very important to my grandmother.
The preacher would travel from house to house instead of everyone meeting at church.
She lived on the outskirts of a mine camp.
Rooted in Appalachia
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