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No description

Chantal V

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of ACCOUNTANT

What you need to become an Accountant
You need to graduate with 30-1 level of math. Math is the subject that is most required to get a degree in accountant. since accountancy requires the ability to manage and analyze reports of profit and loss of company or clients. They are related apprenticeships such as financial service level 3 and 4 and account clerical. saint polytechnic college teaches accountant.
The medium that you earn is $20.05 to $25.65 per hour. In yearly you can make $49,250. depends on what accountant work you are doing. Sometime annually total can be $51,250. while being an account there are other jobs/roes that could use this experience which is CPA. CPA is another type of an accountant.
"Career Centre." Accountant (general). Career Centre, 2016 department of training and workforce development. Web. 20 Oct. 2016.
Job Description
A day in accounting is hard. You are constantly mentally thinking. You will have to examine financial record. You have to record taxes and pain properly and on time. Accounts also run and overview financial operation of a business. The working condition work primarily. Dealing with higher financial crisis, may result in overtime. The tools and technologies used are computerized financial software and programs. the working conditions are good. there is alot of work to be done. there is limited jobs of being an accountant due to the economy. the field is competitive because there are alot of people who wants to become an account. they look for people who had experience and who had take the full course to become an accountant

Why I want to become an accountant
I want to become an accountant because i like to do math. My mom works as an accountant and my sister is studying to become one i help them with the graphs and sheets and i find it fun.
What is an Accountant?
An accountant is a person who keeps inspect financial counts. To become an account you need to be good at numbers and reconciling conflicting reports. They deal with providing advice on a company efficiency, running cost on a profit, and much more.

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