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Hero/Heroine's Journey

No description

Amber Drobny

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Hero/Heroine's Journey

The Hero and Heroine's Journey
The Hero's Journey
Defined-"The Masculine Journey is a journey in which the Hero gathers allies and tools to set out towards a goal." (Schmidt, 2007)
Steps in the Hero's Journey
1. The Call to Adventure
A culminating event forces the hero to confront change. This event can be positive or negative.
HP Ex: Owl Post, Percy Jackson: Encounter with his Teacher

2. The Refusal of the Call
The Hero feels fear of the unknown and turns away from adventure. Alternatively another character may express danger for the hero.
HP Ex: Going to the Island/Hagrid's Visit
Heroine's Journey
"The Feminine Journey is a journey in which the hero gathers the courage to face death and endure the transformation toward being reborn as a complete being in charge of her own life." (Schmidt, 2007)
Steps to Heroine's Journey
1. The Illusion of a Perfect World
The heroine lives in a world that works against her desires to grow as a person, and has created coping mechanisms to stay contained in her ordinary world.
HG Ex: Hunting, Tesserae
2. The Betrayal or Realization
Everything the heroine views as important is taken away, and she has to make a choice.
HG Ex: Tribute, Looking Glass Wars Ex: Loss of her Family
3. The Awakening-Preparing for the Journey
The heroine reacts to the betrayal either actively or passively. Eventually she decides to take an active role, thus ending her coping mechanisms.
HG Ex: Training
Term coined by Joesph Campbell
Book Talk 1:
Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief
Traditional Hero's Quest
Dual gender appeal
Adult portrayal
5th grade and above
3. Assistance
The hero meets a seasoned traveler of that world who gives them training and advice.
HP Ex: Dumbledore
4. Departure
The hero commits to leaving the old world behind.
HP Ex: Platform 9 and 3/4.
5. Trials
The hero is tested, and seeks out allies in the new world.
HP Ex: Troll, Ron, Hermione, Draco

6. Approach
The hero and allies prepare for a major challenge.
HP Ex: After Fluffy
7. Crisis
The hero confronts death and out of that death comes a new life.
HP Ex: The Final Battle
8. Treasure
The hero takes possession of the treasure they were seeking.
HP Ex: The Stone
9. Result
The hero begins his journey back to the world which he started in.
HP Ex: House Cup
10. Return/New Life
The hero returns to his old life with a new outlook.
HP Ex: Return to the Dursley's
11. Resolution
All the plot lines are tied together.
HP Ex: Train Home
Book Talk 2: The Looking Glass Wars
By Frank Beddor

Female appeal
Heroine's Journey
Absent Adults
Grades 7th and up
4. The Decent-Passing the gates of Judgement
The heroine begins to realize she will have to rely on herself and not the external tools she gathered in step 3.
HG Ex: Finding water, Tracker Jackers
5. The Eye of the Storm
The heroine faces her fears and gains a fleeting false sense of security.
HG Ex: With Rue
6. Death all is lost
The heroine is again confronted by the overarching conflict or villain and is forced to confront her self doubt.
HG Ex: The Song
Originally Researched by Maureen Murdock
7. Support
The heroine accepts her own strength and is ready to receive help from others. She does not seek to prove herself to the group but rather shares the knowledge she gains about herself.
HG Ex: Two Victors
8. Rebirth-The Moment of Truth
The heroine goes after her goal from a positive stance. She is no longer the girl who only reacts to the events happening to her but rather, she is a women who makes her own decisions.
HG Ex: The Berries
9. Full Circle-Return to the Perfect World
The heroine returns to the perfect world a complete person, wanting to help others leave behind their misconceptions of that world. She is left with the knowledge that she can face obstacles, an internal reward.
HG Ex: Train Home
Hero's Journey
The Heroine's Journey
Putting it all Together
External Journey
Focus on External Actions
Allies are found early on
Traditionally Male
Internal Journey
Focus on Internal Actions
Rewards are centered around the hero's self actualization
Traditionally female

Peter and the Starcatchers
The Maze Runner
Lord of the Rings
Ready Player One
Video Games
Fable III
Witcher II
World of Warcraft
God of War
Mass Effect
Star Wars
The Matrix
Toy Story
Video Games
Mark of Athena
Red Riding Hood
Dragon Age II
City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
Combines both journeys
Appeals mostly to girls
Some male appeal
9th grade and above
themes/vocab/realistic violence
Subculture studies
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