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Marie Curie Action People-FP7 (COFUND) to co-funds regional, national and international fellowship programmes @FBK

Luisa Perenthaler

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of web-RESTATE@FBK

Incoming: reserved to Researchers that may originate from any country inside or outside Europe, provided, however, that over the previous 36 months they have been working outside Italy for at least 24 months
Re-integration: reserved to Researchers who have carried out secondary or advanced studies in Italy, have then worked in one of the third countries for at least 3 years The Fellowships CONTACTS FBK ICT CMM CNR-IBM CNR-IFN S&T NI-LAB BIOMEMS REET PAMSE Biophysics Photonics and nanotechnologies Center for
Materials and Microsystems National Research Council BIO-Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems Plasma and Advanced Materials Renewable Energies Environmental Technologies Neuroinformatics Laboratory Center for
Information Technology Security&Trust is pleased to announce... FP7-PEOPLE-2010-COFUND
Co-funding of Regional, National and International Programmes

Dedicated to experienced researchers, who are looking for advanced research training, with an objective of developing their career CNR 2 fellows 3 fellows 2 fellows 2011 2015 2012 2011 Oct Signature of the Grant Agreement 2011 Nov Call launch 2012 Jan Deadline for
application submission 2012 Apr Selection outcome 2012 Jul 1. BIANCA 2012 Sep 2012 Oct 2. IM-MILK
4. Polymers for
active medical
implants 5. SECAC
7. Molecular
imaging Programme
closure submitted
proposals and candidates selected proposals/ candidates Industry stages cofund.fbk.eu

#FP7_RESTATE 33 proposals submitted;
only 1 re-integration 78% male 66% 31-40 years old Nationality:
1. Italian
2. American 76% live in EU 18 proposals in the MM area
8 in the humanistic area
7 in the ICT area 7 fellowships have been funded
6 incoming
1 integration 5 male
2 females no prjs in the humanistic area The Roadmap management of the RESTATE programme ...a good idea and an opportunity Nationality:
2 extra-UE Residence:
3 extra-UE Average age: 34 Total Budget EU contribution (40%) 1.190.730 euro 476.292 euro AIRT
Innovation Area
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