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Costa Rica: Cybersecurity Strategy

No description

megane simoes

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Costa Rica: Cybersecurity Strategy

Costa Rica in Numbers
Judicial Investigation Department’s Cybersecurity’s Scope
Appropriate education on the subject
Need for clear law policies
International Cooperation
Need for an articulated cybersecurity plan

A National Cyber Security
Mainly in the preparation

No National Strategy

The government and
institution all have different
The CSIRT-CR was the most recently created entity

Created controversy by creating laws that allowed harsh punishments of individuals seeking secret political information online.

The controversy surrounding these laws led to eventual action by the “Hactivist” Group Anonymous
Addressing Cyber Threats
Activism/ Extremisms
Criminal Organizations
Cyber War
Government Entities
The main government entity in charge is MICIT (Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications.

Costa Rica: Cybersecurity Strategy
The Digital Government/Digital Secretariat
The Directorate for Digital Signatures
The Agency for Data Protection (Prodhab)
The Central Bank
The Superintendency for Telecommunications
The Computer Crimes Section of the Judiciary
However many others also assist in this responsibility:
Economic Prosperity
Cyberspace helps promote globalization

Helps increase transactions

Full potential has not been reached

Lack of cyber-security strategies plays a part

The Important Role of the Private Sector
Local Private Companies’ role
Foreign Support Companies’ role
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