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How to Read Literature Like a Professor: Chapter 16

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Andres Zapata

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of How to Read Literature Like a Professor: Chapter 16

Chapter 16: It's All About Sex
Sex does not have to look like sex to be sex. Objects can be sexual organs. Actions can also be sex acts. In Books and Movies.
Objects From HTRLLP
Tall Buildings
Anything the author wants.
Falling down stairs
Waves at a beach crashing
Playing with toys
Again, anything the author wants
Video Examples!!
Hayes Code
The Hayes Code is what controlled the content in movies, this why sex scenes were represented through objects or actions. You could stack dead bodies, but live bodies could not be horizontal to each other. Couples were always in separate beds because of this.
Idea of Chapter 16
The Maltese Falcon
The curtains
Thomas says Sam Spade and Brigid were kissing, the next moment the curtains on the window were blowing gently in the wind, which represent sex. Thomas writes that "yes, they did. And they enjoyed it" should be written on those curtains.
Other Examples
Ann Beattie's story "Janus", which involves
a bowl and some keys.
The Rocking-Horse Winner, there's a toy
horse in this story.
The Rocking-Horse Winner
In The Rocking-Horse Winner a little boy who wants to please his mother, since his father is terrible at business he can tell they really need money. He discovers he can find out who is going to win a horse race by riding his rocking horse until he is tired.
This is not masturbation, it is more
just symbolizing it.
This Family Guy episode will show what
happened at the end.
North By Northwest
Family Guy Version
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