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The mess we're (not) in: Content strategy in the corporate world

As presented at CS Forum 2012.

Max Johns

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of The mess we're (not) in: Content strategy in the corporate world

What's success? What grew? Why is there something
rather than nothing? Follow the money: What content was worth paying for? Follow the numbers: What content gets looked at and used? OWNERSHIP SIGN-OFF and Keeping everyone happy before you publish anything Let me guess... What's
important to your team? What do your leaders
care about? content ownership and sign-off NAB Asia Asia, our most important export market, sits on its own quite neglected domain. Why? Probably because of something historical. MESS Social
media Twitter ` nab.com.au - our main site Internet banking
(mobile login via browser or app) Investment management Traveller card Asset servicing login Asset servicing Employee benefits Careers.nab Migrant banking NAB Private Wealth NAB Traveller Card Financial markets Sponsored tie-in to realestate.com.au EFTPOS extras wholesale.nabgroup.com Share trading (nabtrade) insure.nab.com.au - Travel insurance Equity lending Graduate program Help, guidance, advice, education nabITAT
community programs, corporate responsibility NAB Connect
(internet banking for business) Virtual
assistant because content is underappreciated Marketing
microsites - campaigns, sponsorships, corporate responsibility Three Facebook communities Google+ YouTube Wholesale financial markets / Serious investors Payment processing (desktop & mobile) Secure (logged in)
areas iOS, Android, Windows Products & services with their own sites Overseas capital.nab.com.au This is a sub-domain of nabgroup.com, which we've decommisioned. Despite the name, you don't have to work for NAB. Entirely controlled by another company, carries NAB branding. Audience: NAB employees as well as our suppliers. Externally hosted. Between these and the main site, 3 instances of content will often contain the same information. BPaybiller.nab.com.au We see business Home loan freedom AusKick - kids' football Part of a major AFL sponsorship deal. Content on AFL site, our main site, and this subdomain. NAB Schools First Standalone website Major, ongoing brand campaigns AFL grand final day "stand-ins" This campaign ended in September, but this sort of tie-in subdomain is common The "break up" was our hugest campaign of the last few years, but it's not a major focus anymore. The Break Up These are just examples - there are more, I promise. This is separate only for historical reasons. We also have content about insurance on our main site. A separate site increases the apparent (and actual) exclusivity. This card is a "white label" product - a separate company built and runs its site. Actually a completely separate company, despite the name and branding Four WordPress sites on NAB subdomains Business research & insights The MESS we're (not) in: Content strategy in the corporate world Max Johns, National Australia Bank students
everyone Two sites to attract new people to NAB. "Careers" is a subdomain of nab.com.au. Daily videos and articles from top economists Another subdomain of the old "nabgroup.com" site LinkedIn
(company and banker profiles) It's a Recruitment microsites understand Change the bad bits of the old system Keep the good bits of the old system Understand the CORPORATE and its goals STRATEGY What your company
wants for itself What your company
wants for customers If your corporation's strategy doesn't mention customers, I can't help you. But can I ask why you're bothering to turn up to work every day? What's good for your web users What works for your web team What slows you down? What hurts your content? Let me guess an example... Turn into RISK MANAGEMENT the mess Who planted it?
Why? Where did it grow? Why didn't they put something else here instead? What made this gap important enough to get content put in it? You cannot underestimate the energy, effort, money and people-power that corporations can put into achieving whatever they plan for. Nor can you imagine the lonely, useless struggle of going to work every day and trying to do something that the company isn't interested in. But I can ask: Why do you bother to turn up to work every day? Brand hub Max Johns National Australia Bank (NAB) manage over $100B make $1B profit every 3 months serve around 8m customers 40,000 employees at MESS comes from a system Even in the corporate world. And it's left to grow however it can. "You're not a content owner. a point of sign-off. You're a ." RISK REPORTER Think of How bad could things get? What are the odds of it happening? EVALUATE the risk SOMETHING THAT MIGHT GO WRONG ACCEPT the risk and its consequences likelihood and/
or consequence REDUCE every now and then catastrophic kinda bad possibly never you'll hardly notice all the time REALISTIC INSIGHTFUL ADOPTABLE ADAPTABLE ACCEPTABLE The core Designed to deal with a big, scary mess Aware of where that mess came from, and how Familiar enough to keep things that have worked well Bold enough to get rid of things that weren't working.
Like your sign-off process. Directly descended from the corporate strategy THANK YOU CORE STRATEGY: "informs what the content will be and how it will be structured" (Halvorson & Rach, Content Strategy for the Web, second edition, 2012)

is "the central idea for using content to achieve an organization's business goals" (Melissa Rach, Brain Traffic blog, March 10, 2011) realistic insightful adoptable adaptable acceptable The CORE The needs to be: STRATEGY of your content Manage company charge cards Shared with Band of New Zealand WordPress; incl. republished print articles The MESS we're (not) in: Content strategy in the corporate world are all the We have CORPORATE and CONTENT STRATEGISTS? Where heaps of users endless content problems to solve. People you can help Things you can improve of a CORPORATE WEB successful is: CONTENT STRATEGY nabbroker.com.au What does your manager measure? What do your executives talk about most? UNDERSTAND THE SYSTEM How much of your content comes from people who think "digital last"? What matters to your boss? What's your job? What happens in your performance evaluations? What does your job description say? What does a good day feel like? That's enough tactical stuff. Let's REALLY STRATEGIC get
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