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No description

beverly heredia

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of hatchet

Brian was going to visit the Canadian oil fields to visit his father.He was going on a plane with a pilot only him and the pilot where on the plane.Brian was staring out of the window he was thinking about the divorce of his parents.His mom gave him a hatchet to him because he was going with his father to the woods.Brian still had the hatchet with him.Then the pilot stared having a heart attack the pilot stared to fill pain his stomach was hurting and his eyes turned all the way until you can only see white the kid was alone alone!!!!!!!!
Chapter 3 the landing
Chapter 5 Alone in the woods
Chapter 2 the panic
Gary Paulsen
summary by Beverly Heredia
Chapter 1 the heart attack
The pilot was not moving at all
the kid was scared he did not know what to do he was alone
the kid was trying to conduce the plane but he really did not know what he was doing he was in panic
he only saw trees and green grass.When he was trying to conduce the plane he saw confusing buttons.When he saw the pilot he had a microphone it was a radio he was trying to hear someones voice.Until he heard someones voice he was saying HELP!!!!! but the call was breaking up.He was scared!
Brian was trying to find a lake because he knew he was gonna crash any time now he was scared because all he saw was trees and land.Then he saw a L shaped lake he was going to the lake but he knew he was not gonna get to the lake because the plane was going really slow but then he got really close to the lake he landed on the lake he only saw blue then he got out of the plane.Plane when he got out he could feel his chest in land he was in land!
Chapter 4 the pain
the kid was alive!!
not know what to do hes mine was just blank.Then when he looked down he was sinking he quickly got out of the water he push his feet and arms he got out as he saw the plane sinking with the pilot still in it he was trying to find a place to rest in he found a big tall tree but he could still feel the pain he was crying of pain and he felt alone and scared.When he woke up he saw the the bugs batting him on his body he looked up in the sky and think about his mom and dad he was sad and he was crying and screaming hes clothes was all wet he told him self that he did not have no luck at all at ALL!!!!!!!!!!
But he was scared
Brian had to try to survive he was sacred he just remembered about hes parents and he felt sad:( he was really thirsty" his mouth was really dry his lips like as if his lips where cracked and almost bleeding.(Paulsen 43)" he was trying as fast as he can to find a lake as soon as he saw green tall trees he saw a a lake next to it he went to the lake as fast as he could then he remembered that that same lake was where the pilot got drowned he did not know to drink the water but he could not help it he had to drink it he was really thirsty.So he got a sip of it and he put it in his mouth after "that he could not stop he said that the water felt like life inside of him(Paulsen 45").Then he just stayed there all sad:( thinking about his parents.
Chapter 6
Chapter 7 Hunger!!
When he was sitting on the tree he was thinking about his friend terry and how they played together in the woods he felt sad because he was alone with nobody and he wished that terry would be with him.Then he was trying to find shelter because he knew that if he did not find shelter he would not be able to survive.So then he found a big cave,he thought that the cave was going to be a good shelter for him.Then he felt hunger he went to the lake to drink water but the hunger dint take off he went fast to look for some berries he found theme he started to eat them all he was so hungry he could not stop then he went to the cave and he felt really full he went to hes cave he laid down and fell asleep in the cave.
thinking alone:(
Brian felt pain in his stomach he said to himself it was the berries that he eat he felt cramps in his abdomen he laid down and he remembered that his mom went to the mall and her mom was sitting next to a man and when she was leaving they kissed his mom and the man the secret.Then Brian had really bad diarrhea and was vomiting he felt really bad then he went back to sleep when he woke up he saw the bright sun heating him in the face he was hungry but he remembered not to eat the berries then he got some berries but he remembered to get only a few of theme he got the ones that where maroon he eat the berries carefully but when he finished he was still hungry.And he just remembered when him and his friend terry would always go and get some berries he was really sad:(.Then he saw some more berries the berries looked good then he started eating theme he said that they where so good and sweet then he looked up there was a BEAR!!!!!! he got scared it was right in front of him.But when he saw the bear ir did not want him it waned the berries the bear started eating the berries.Then Brian looked up and the clouds started to get gray and it started raining Brian went back to his cave.
When Brian woke up he smelled something really bad he could not see it was all dark.Then he heard a sound he did not know what it was he was kind of scared so he threw the hatchet where the sound was coming from he noticed that he was felling a lot of pain in his leg.When he turned around he saw kind of like a shadow he was scared then he saw a porcupine in his cave he did not know what to do sow he kicked the porcupine the needles that the porcupine has got in his leg he felt A LOT of pain he waned to take them out but all the pain that he felt he could not help it so he tried to hold it in so he took some out.But he started crying because all the frustration and he was just tired of all this he was mad and crying he went to sleep then he said that he was dreaming a bout his friend and his father he was really sad.Then he saw the hatchet he got it and started making a fire with it because that was what his dream told him to do.Brian had fire.
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
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