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No description

Ashley Pena

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Cheerleading

History of Cheerleading
Cheerleading was born in 1898 Cheer leading originated from the United States. It was first performed during football games held at the University of Minnesota during the 1800's.

-Motion tightness
-Helps posture and chronic stress
-Improves athletic performance
-Decreases risk of injury
-Blood flow
-Decreases muscle tears
-Keeps breathing at pace
-Vital for competition
-Most common injuries
-Sprains and strains
-Strong as a football player
-As balanced as a dancer
-As flexible as a gymnast
Why is Cheerleading a sport?
-Compete like any other team
-Thorough tryout process
-Meet physical requirements
-Varsity letters
-Compete to win
-Judging panel
-Scoring system
-Certified/trained coaches
-Featured in olympics
Famous Cheerleaders
Guess who ?
A Video
Fun Fact
Anyone can Cheer
Did they Work It or Nahh ? lml XD
Why is stretching a part of Cheerleading?
What is Cheerleadering ?
Cheerleading is a sport that has athletic movements and promotes team spirit. Cheer leading supports the athletic and entertains the fans by stunting , and chanting during the any game.
More History
Southern Methodist University cheerleader Lawerance "Herkie" Herkimer had an important impact on cheerleading. He invented his signature jump, the Herkie. as well as the spirit stick and pom-poms.
A Cheerleaders Uniform/ Garments

skirt/ Bottoms
All may vary !!
Quotes and Slogans
In 1903, 6 males composed a "yell squad", and later became a cheerleaders. Cheerleading was at first and all male sport, until 1923. From that moment on us girls dominated the sport.
"Hands on your hips , a smile on your lips, spirit in your heart , we are ready to start."
"Together we stand, together we fall. All for one, one for all."
"Wimps lift Weights, Cheerleaders lift People"
"Cheerleaders ROCK...Cause they know how to ROLL"
There is different kind of cheerleading...
Sideline Cheerleading : Cheerleaders who cheer for a sport on the sidelines.
Competitive Cheerleading: Cheerleaders who compete with other cheerleaders from different areas.
BY: Ashley Jamilex Peña
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