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Roaring Camp

No description

howard hsu

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Roaring Camp

The Luck of Roaring Camp Summary Roaring Gambler EXPERATIONS The story is about the birth of a baby boy in a 19th century gold prospecting camp. The boy's mother, Cherokee Sal, dies in childbirth, so the men of Roaring Camp must raise it themselves.

Believing the child to be a good luck charm, the men of Roaring Camp named the boy Thomas Luck. Afterwards, they started to find gold and became rich. They decide to refine their behavior and started to be clean and tidy.

At the end of the story, however, Luck and a villager, Kentuck, perish in a flash flood that strikes the camp. a person who play games and win or lose money Experience Criminal Discussion talking about something in order to reach a decision or to exchange ideas LC103H7
Gp.4 1010518 Howard
1010302 Jerry
1010304 Kaius
1010652 Oscar
1010745 Edward
1010604 Anthony Cabin a small wooden shelter or house Contribution A gift or payment to a common fund Funeral a ceremony held after a person’s death Fortunate favoured by good luck 4 Questions 1. Where did this story happened? a loud, deep cry or sound In fact, two gamblers, just continued their game he was greeted everywhere with
roaring crowds Something that happened, and you learn things from it You have experience in them things a person who has committed a crime The worst criminal had blond hair and an angel's face In the middle of their discution, a sound came from the cabin. Stump opened the door of the cabin. The contribution were all diffirent. The next day there was a funeral
for Cherokee Sal A few men who were fortunate to still be alive saw a boat coming down the river. pull through Get through an illness or other dangerous verb Most of the men said Sal won't pull through. bent over Move (a jointed part of the body)
to an angled position verb When Kentuck bent over to take a close look at the baby...... Take care of Keep (someone or something)
safe and provided for ......and let Stumpy take care of him. verb Well, acturally there are no more difficult or unknow experations...... In Roaring Camp
nere California 2. Who gave the name "Luck" to the baby? 3.What happened in Roaring Camp after the baby was born? 4.What happened to th Roaring Camp and Luck at the end of the story? FINALLY END Thankyou everyone!! Every men in the Roaring Camp. They found more gold, and become rich.
They also refine their behavior and started to be clean and tidy One night, rushing water broke the trees and swept over Roaring Camp. This made many people dead, included Luck. 1/11/2103
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