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The Epic Adventure of Katy Perry! (:

This is information and life about Katy Perry herself.!!!

victoria casnova

on 11 February 2011

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Transcript of The Epic Adventure of Katy Perry! (:

Katy Perry! kathernie elizabeth hudson:
katherine was born October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbra, California. Birthed from Christian pastor parents. She grew up listening to gospel music and sang in her local church. Eduaction: After earning her GED in her freshman year of high school, she began to pursue a career in music industry. Family life!!: Perry is of German and Portuguese descent on her mother's side and English paternally. She is the second child of two pastors. She has an older sister and younger brother. Perry's maternal aunt and uncle were screenwriter Eleanor Perry and director Frank Perry, through whom she is also related to Charles M. Schwab, the founder of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation. influenced: katy started singing in her church and began getting noticed. her mother thought she should take vocal lessons. soon she got noticed by rock veterans from Nashville, Tennessee. She soon recorded her first album at age 15. Accomplishements: Katy perry had sold over 5 million copies worldwide! She had earned 2 Grammy Award nomination in 2009 and 2010. failures: katy perry was very unsuccessful with her christian music career. Her first CD, self-titled Katy Hudson, only sold 200 CD's in the US. Most known for: katy perry first came out as Katy Hudson. She took after heer mother's maden name Perry because she didnt want any confusion of the actress Kate Hudson. Important stuff: Perry had singed a record deal with Columbia records in 2004. In 2006, Perry was featured in the tail-end of the video to P.O.D.'s single "Goodbye for Now".[19] She made a cameo appearance in Carbon Leaf's video, "Learn to Fly".

Personality traits: Wild is in her nature. She doesnt care what people think about her and will go above and beyond. she wears clothes that people wont have the courage to. she is funny b/c she can put a smile on someones face. loveable is her middle name b/c she is super nice and fun to be around. Current She got proposed in india to Russel brand. Perry and Brand married on October 23, 2010 in a traditional Hindu ceremony near the Ranthambhore tiger sanctuary in Rajasthan, India, the same location where Brand had proposed.

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