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From Roots to Results

No description

Lea Roberg Chao

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of From Roots to Results

Summary Paragraph
The Problem
Details of Needs Assessment
Conclusion of
Needs Assessment
Target Population
Risk factors to be addressed
Location of Intervention in San Diego
Goal 2
Name of your program, Mission Statement and overall description of your program (Where it will take place, what type of intervention it is, and what it's trying to achieve(Over reaching goal(s)
GIS Map(s)
Objective 1
Goal 3
Objective 1
Goal 1
Objective 1
Group Presentation Template and Sample Format

General statistics about the problem and Target population to make a clear point about the health disparity and need for a health Intervention.
National state and local data describing problem
-Use visual displays of data whenever possible
Best Practices
What does research say has been the best way to approach this problem
Summary of Intervention Strategies
Tell about the your intervention is designed to work, over viewing each specific strategies. You can also give finer details about one specific strategy for an example(Curriculum, contents of an education class or meeting, or a sample of a brochure or poster)
"Name of Intervention Program"
Mission Statement
This is a possible format for your presentation.
Within each bracket is endless possibilities for content, you are free to format it any way you choose.
I have included samples within the bracket of possible ways to organize your information with Prezi "Layouts" found under the "Insert" tab at top of page.
I would like you to use as many visual displays of data as possible(charts, graphs, etc.)
Headings and bullets should be used to display information. The only paragraph should be your Summary paragraph(Abstract).
I would like no videos in the presentations, but pictures are a great way to make a point.
Please cit. sources, especially when presenting your Needs Assessment.

Behavioral Theory(ies)
You can use your Table here or a Prezi Layout
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