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The Fault In Our Stars

No description

Naomi Baldwin

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of The Fault In Our Stars

Difference in couple's relationships:"Always" versus the reality of death
Monica and Isaac: "Always" (pg. 18)
Hazel Grace and Augustus: "Ok"
Gender Binary
The way that society has trained or expected male and females to behave (career choice, emotions, interests, etc.)
Themes Love,Mortality,Religion,Life and Existence.
The Carceral Theory
Plot Summary
The Fault In Our Stars

Issac's Egg Throwing Scene
Movie Trailer
A typical teen relationship:They believe that it lasts forever
Constantly using the word "always"
"Love is keeping a promise"
"She said she couldn't handle it.I'm losing my blindsight and she couldn't handle it"(60)
Isaac and Monica's perception of love:
Perception of Augustus and Hazel's relationship
The reality: they have cancer and will eventually die
"I'm like a grenade and at some point I'm going to blow up and I would like to minimize the causalities"(99).
Hazel became apprehensive and anxious about the relationship
"To be with him was to hurt him-inevitably. I'd thought as though I was committing an act of violence against him"(101).
Accept that this will be their last love
"I fell in love like the way you fall asleep: slowly, then all at once"(125).

"Oh I wouldn't mind, Hazel Grace. It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you." - Augustus Waters
She is not literally physically breaking his heart. I believe it means that having his heart broken means her dying in the middle relationship.
"I started scrolling through the pictures on my phone, a backward flip-book of the last few months, beginning with him and Isaac outside of Monica's house and ending with the first picture I'd taken of him, on the drive to Funky Bones. It seemed like forever ago, like we'd had this brief but still infinite forever. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities." - Hazel Grace
My interpretation of the last few sentences is that she only said that because that they were going to die. Her infinity is smaller because her and Gus are dying.
I believe one way we can deconstruct Hazel's life is looking at it through the lens of an "Imperial Affliction". Hazel doesn't seem to hold onto her life. Hazel holds onto the thought of finding an end to the book. This could be viewed as her holding onto life and trying to not let herself die.When she finds VanHouten drunk with no answers, her dreams of getting the ending do not come true.Not long after she finds out that Gus is sick.This could be a metaphor of her grasp on life becoming unwraveled.
One of the biggest religious overtones is the support groups meeting in the "Heart of Jesus".
If we deconstruct this we can see that they are not actually meeting in a literal heart or the literal heart of Jesus.
However they are literally meeting in the heart of Jesus because of the rug that the group takes place on top of.
Another way of looking at this is by looking at the "Heart of Jesus" as comfort because Jesus provides comfort. That is what the support group was doing. The group provided comfort for those struggling, just like Jesus is our comforter.
Life and Existence
Gus is always concerned about living a life that will be remembered, but this could be because he doesn't want to actually think about himself dying.
He is concerned about his death. He tries to be a hero for Hazel and not let her know he is sick too. The metaphor for this is the cigarette and not giving it the power to kill you. Not lighting the cigarette shows strength over death.He tries to control his death,even with the euolegies but he cannot.

Necessity of suffering
- Build up of fluid in her lungs
- Losing his remaining eye(tumor)
Losing his girlfriend
Physically deteriorates
Can't accomplish the goals he always wanted to accomplish
Necessity of Suffering
Build up of fluid in her lungs
Losing his remaining eye (tumor)
Losing his girlfriend
Body is physically deteriorating
Suffers knowing he can't accomplish the goals he always wanted to
"All types of pain are side effects of living"
"Without pain we wouldn't know joy"

Insensitivity of The Universe
losing his girlfriend simply because he is now blind
Never hears from her again despite his hoping and waiting
knows her lungs wont heal despite wishing that they will
knows he can accomplish the heroic things he has wanted
Dying of Cancer

It wasn't placed on them for doing something wrong
It was not their doings and hoping to encounter this but it was simply their fate
Augustus' Cigarettes
This is Augustus controlling an dealing with the things that he fears
At any time he feels insecure he puts one in his mouth to feel like he has the power over his fear
When trying to buy a
pack of cigarettes at
the end of the book
it shows that he can
not make it inside to
purchase another pack
showing that the cancer had at this point
won over Augustus and the control he once
felt he had over his cancer was now gone

The suffering a persons death has on those who are around you
Hazel compares herself and Augustus to a grenade
One day exploding and injuring those who are around you
Not hurting others is a huge deal to Hazel
vegetarian(not adding suffering)
Try's to distance herself from her parents in order to "keep them safe"
In a video game Augustus is playing he throws himself on to a grenade to keep school kids safe(heroic)
there is heroism in getting
hurt for the right cause
Meeting at cancer support group
Bonding over the book
An Imperial Affliction
Going to Amsterdam to meet Hazels favorite author
Augustus' cancer returns and spreads throughout his entire body
Pre-funeral to hear Isaac and Hazel Grace eulogies
Augustus dies
Hazel learns that Augustus wrote her a eulogy
Foucalt created the carceral theory to help explain how society changed from what he terms the "culture of spectacle" to the "carceral culture."
The "culture of spectacle" used public punishment like torture to reform its individuals, where in the "carceral culture", punishment was internalized and directed toward the rehabilitation of subjects.
Foucalt uses the prison called the Panopticon as his illustration to what happens in the carceral culture.
References: http://www.cla.purdue.edu/english/theory/newhistoricism/modules/foucaultcarceral.html
The Panopticon was a prison that had prison cells facing a central tower.
Bentham came up with the idea, and Foucalt used it to illustrate his theory.
The idea of the Panopticon was the prisoner's would not be able to know whether guards were watching them or not, they only saw the tower watching them.
This led to the prisoners policing themselves for fear they were constantly being watched by the tower.
Bentham believed this to be a model for how society should function. The panoptic tower would be internalized in members of society where they would feel like they are constantly being watched and police themselves.
Panopticon tower and the Fault in our Stars
Foucalt explains a byproduct of the Panoptic tower evolving into each individual of society. This would create judges of normalcy in society to keep everyone under the status quo. This would include one's body and emotions.
This idea of policing society to a sense of normalcy is what I believe the Fault in our Stars pushes against, specifically in the idea of dying and teenage relationships.
Example: Augustus and Hazel's relationship compared to Isaac's relationship
Example of death and dying: Hazel's father versus Hazel.
By: Andrew Partridge,Joshua Shaw, Jeremy Artybridge, Kaitlyn Stack, Naomi Baldwin
Analysis of Hazel

Hazel watching "ANTM"

Hazel being the one that needed Comforting
Analysis of Gus
Gus's preference of books and video games

Gus's personality before and after Hazel
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