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Ares God of War

No description

Nathan Bui

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Ares God of War

Ares, God of War
Son of Zeus and Hera
2nd Generation of Olympians
Also known as Mars or Aries
Distrust and Dishonesty
Because of his temper and failure to obey orders, Ares is often not trusted by his parents and siblings--with good reason. He often relies on emotions and impulses that eventually cause him to be the subject of ridicule and humor between Olympians.
God of War...In a Way
Although Aries is known for being the Greek god of war, he is more representative of the bloodlust and chaos that occurs during warfare--the man who runs foolishly into battle without a plan. Intilligence and strategic warfare belong to Ares' sister, Athena. This difference in behavior and approach to war is what fuels the rivalry between Ares and his sister throughout all Greek mythology.
The most famous tale that involves Ares is his involvement in the Trojan War. Ares is ordered by his parents to assist the Greeks, but winds up on the Trojan side because of his relationship with Aphrodite. Athena embaresses Ares multiple times by throwing a spear into his side and later smashing him with a gigantic boulder. It is important to note that Ares loses the conflict because he rushed Athena without a plan.
The Trojan War
Further conflict with Athena exists for Ares during a battle with the Giants. While Hercules, a demi-god, defeated multiple giants alongside Athena. Meanwhile, during the battle, Ares--the god of war--is only credited with a single kill.
Hercules and the Giants
Affairs with Aphrodite
Despite being married to the god of craftsmanship (Hephaestus), Aphrodite has an affair with Ares. They bear multiple children together, including Deimos and Phobos, commonly known as "Terror" and "Fear", respectively. The addition of these two gods brings further devastation and bloodthirst on the battlefields of mortals.
Archetypes and Symbols
Bloodthirsty man out for revenge, adrenaline-pumped soldier
Woodpecker, poisonous snake, a head of a boar with a spear through it, as well as the Mars (male) symbol
"Areodesy", the exact study and measurement of the planet Mars, comes from the Greek god Ares.
Connection to Modern Words
Nathan Bui
Period 1
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