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The Giver Scrapbook

No description

Johnson Lee

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of The Giver Scrapbook

Chief Elder
Exposition: The setting of the story takes place some time in the past in a utopian community. The characters presented include Jonas, Lily, the father, the mother, and Gabriel.

Rising Action: The rising action takes place during the ceremony of 12. The chief elder skips over Jonas's number and comes back to him at the end. Jonas gets picked to be the next receiver of memory.

Climax: The climax is when Jonas discovers what being "released" means. He sees his father kill one of twins that is being "released". He then determines to change things.

Falling Action: The falling action occurs when Jonas leaves the community with Gabriel. He and Gabriel go through much hunger pains and Gabriel almost dies.

Resolution: The end of the story takes place at the end of the story when Jonas and Gabriel either die or reach a new community,
Jonas is different from the others in the community because he has pale eyes and the others do not. Jonas also has brown hair and is somewhat short. He wears a tunic which is the same as the others in the community. Jonas has a good heart and only wants to do well in life. He is the protagonist of the story. Jonas's role in the story is becoming the upcoming receiver of memories and giver. People say he is perfect for the position.
By;Johnson Lee
The Giver Scrapbook
-The Giver

-Jonas's Mom
-Jonas's Father
-Chief Elder

Symbol Representation
The sled represents Jonas's first memory that was given to him by the current giver. It symbolizes the beginning of his journey of future discoveries.
One of the themes of the story is the importance of memories. Memories give people knowledge and thoughts of both painful and great things that should be kept in the mind of an individual.
Ceremonial Items
Bicycle- 9
Comfort Object- 1
New Clothes- 11
1) Always show respect.
2) Be thoughtful of others.
3) No fights or crimes are allowed.
4) Children must have a curfew.
5) No bullying at all.
6) Mind your own business.
7) No discrimination.
8) People must have licenses for specific things. (guns, driving)
9) No gang affiliation.
10) No drugs.
A memory I would pass on to the world to learn from is when my family and I took a trip to my parent's home country, Vietnam. We were already there for two weeks or so and I was in charge of taking the pictures of all the moments we had during our trip. There were hundreds of pictures in the camera. Then one day in Vietnam, we decided to take a taxi back to our hotel. We got to our hotel and I felt some thing was missing. It was my camera. I had lost the camera of all the memories saved. My whole family was mad at me, but after a while they forgave me.
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