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Plot Structure Diagram for 'The Bluest Eye' by: Toni Morrison

No description

Opeoluwa Kolade

on 12 January 2016

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Transcript of Plot Structure Diagram for 'The Bluest Eye' by: Toni Morrison

Inciting Incident
Falling Action
Rising Action
The Bluest Eye by Toni: Morrison Plot Graph

Cholly comes home and rapes his daughter Pecola, thus impregnating her with his child.
Pecola has been driven to a calm, comforting madness at this stage in her life. She now believes that her wish that she always prays for- of blue eyes, has finally been granted.
Frieda and her sister must now come to terms and finally begin to acknowledge why their marigolds never grow. They failed to bloom since the soil proved to be infertile for those kind of flowers; same as Pecola and her family amidst society.
The children at school continously tease her, regardless of their race. They push their sorrows and woes onto her as they constantly bully her to no end.
At school, a boy named Junior lures
Pecola into his yard and refuses to let her go. While they are playing with his cat, he accidently kills it and puts the blame on Pecola entireely. When his mother comes home and hears of this, she calls Pecola "a nasty little bitch" and kicks her out.
Pecola accidently drops a
pie at the house of her mother's white employer, so her mother starts to mercilessly beat her in front of her friends.
Pecola's mother comes home and beats her as she learns of the rape and they both eventually move to the edge of town.
Pecola goes to a local charlatan that can "
perform miracles" and begs for blue eys from him.
He then tricks her into a poisoning the dog he wants to kill in hopes she'll get the blue eyes she desperately wanted. She then becomes despised by the town.
Pecola now begins to think that if she had blue eyes, then society would find her more appealing and thus her obsession begins. Her want for blue eyes is only heightened as a white shop keeper treats her with distaste that she sees in his eyes.
Pecola moves into the two sisters
house and is placed in foster care
after her father puts her family out
and tries to burn down their house.
Pecola gets her period in front of Claudia and Frieda and realizes she can now have babies.

Frieda and Claudia plant marigolds in the hopes that the fate of the flowers will determine the Pecola's baby's fate. Unfortunately, both the flowerss and Pecola's baby dies.
Pecola Breedlove comes from a family filled with abuse and neglect. Contrary to their name, the Breedloves are quite uncapable of breeding love, since the only thing that seems to come their way is sorrow and trouble as they are looked down upon and frowned at for the situation and like apearance.
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