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Closed Regional List


will pike

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Closed Regional List

Josh & Will Closed Regional List The Closed regional list is used in the UK (except Northern Ireland). It is also used in 16 other countries including Albania, Angloa, Argentina, Hong Kong, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Scotland and South Africa. Where is Closed Regional List used? The closed regional list is a system where representatives are elected in large multi-member regions for european parliament elections. There are 11 regions in the UK electing between 3 and 10 MEPs (members of european parliament). Political parties create a list of candidates in the order in which they will be elected. Electors cast a single vote for a political party or independent in the closed list system used in the UK. Electors can only vote for either the party or the independent. They cannot choose between candidates representing the same party. Seats are allocated according to the proportion of votes won by each political party in the region. How Does It Work? There is a high degree or proportionality. The size of the region matters - results are more proportional in a region electing a high number or representatives, But smaller parties are less likely to win seats in regions electing a small number or representatives.
Political parties have used their lists to increase the number of women and ethnic minority candidates. Advantages Of The Closed Party System -Closed Party List was introduced in 1999
-There can be many candidates but with little support from their party
-This system is mainly used for EU elections
-You cannot choose within parties.
-You can only vote between a party and an independent candidate Overall Conclusion of Closed Regional List When Was Closed Regional List brought in? The Closed Regional List was brought in in 1999 by new labour Disadvantages of the Closed Party System Enclosed list systems voters cannot choose between candidates in the same party.
Parties control the order in which candidates are placed on the list and can use this power to favor candidates who support the current leadership.
The link between representatives and constituents is weakened in large multi-member constituencies
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