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Referat in Global Studies über Biokraftstoffe und deren globalen Aspekte/Probleme.

Philipp Walz

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Biokraftstoffe

out of plants or generally oganic material, like
sugar beets/sugar cane
oil plants
Negative aspects of biofuel
1st Generation fuel
Positive aspects of biofuel
However often production in foreign countries

high CO2 - footprint

no ecological-minded production (usage of fertilizer, pesticides)

tank or plate?
"bio" doesn't mean ecological
"bio" = made out of

Different types of biofuel
2nd Generation fuel
3rd Generation fuel
direct vegetable
oil fuel (rape-oil)
bioethanol/(-> E10)
BtL (biomass-to-liquid)
made out of the fruits/seeds
made out of biomass
made from microorganisms e.g. algees
not marketable yet!
production of fuel in the "own" country
independence of fossil fuels and of the arabic market

"less" CO2 emissions
short CO2 circulation)

better image for the fuel and car industry
grain - Getreide
sugar beet/-cane - Zuckerrübe/-rohr
rapeseed - Raps
mash - Brei
yeast - Hefe
fermentation - Gärung
Biofuels in Germany
Global problems
biofuel with bad CO2-footprint
- energy intensive agriculture
- transport
- inefficient transformation to usable fuel

biofuel made of palm/soya oil ?
- 2008 GREENPEACE analysis:

global farmland competition: "food" vs. "biomass"

higher grain/food prices!
Smart biofuel production
slurry - Gülle
oil mill - Ölmühle
Production of bioethanol
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