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Nintendo 64

No description

Shauna Richards

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Nintendo 64

-Maximum sampling rate of 48kHz with 16 bit audio

-100 channels of Pulse Code Modulation (PCM)

-Use of the ROM cartridge limited the audio quality and the sampling rate

-N64 had lower quality music than other 1996 systems (PlayStation)
-Resulted in more simplistic music
Nintendo 64 Video Game Music
Nintendo 64
-Used older Mario games as well as variations to Bomb-omb Battlefield
-Sampled voices
-Sound effect clips

Looping - Repeated phrases

Synthesized sounds - similar to bit music

Foley - Sound effect
- Synthesized orchestral sounds

- Voice noise samples
-Nobuyuki Hiyama was adult Link
-Fujiko Takimoto voiced young Link

- Instrumental samples

- Speed and pitch alteration
-Ocarina's pitch can be altered by moving the analog stick
Both games soundtracks were released

Other versions were also recorded
- Big Band
- Lindsey Stirling
- Orchestral
- Numerous guitar covers
Spin off
- Composed by Koji Kondo

- Charles Martinet as Mario
- Leslie Swan as Princess Peach
- Isaac Marshall as Bowser

- 36 Tracks on the original soundtrack
Super Mario 64
- Composed by Koji Kondo

- Many songs are variations of the ocarina songs the player learns

- Uses songs to introduce places around Hyrule
- Musique Concrete

- Bit music/Computer music

- Synthesizer

Zelda - Ocarina of Time
Bob-omb battlefield
Snow Mountain
Voice Sample
Sound Effects
Hyrule Field
Ocarina Songs
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