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Energy demand is growing globally especially in developed and emergent economies such as India and China....

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Jade Weeden

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Energy demand is growing globally especially in developed and emergent economies such as India and China....

Demand for energy is growing globally, and at regional and local scales, especially in developed and emergent economies such as India and China. The planet need more energy as the population is increasing as well as more places around the world is becoming switched on which means that more and more countries are becoming NICs which is resulting in people needing more energy to develop they’re having their industrial revolution like the UK had in the 1800s. China has the fifth of the world’s population but consumes only 4% of the world’s daily oil output. Energy demand is growing in China and India is driving world markets and shows no sign of letting up. Despite recent agreement between the 2 countries, competition for supplies is heated. In 1993, China did not import oil. By 2030, it will import as much as the U.S. Whereas India’s oil imports will be greater than those of Japan or the European Union. Why does the planet need more energy? China's economy has surged ahead at 10% a year and it's own supplies such as oil have started to dry up due to the demand the only way around this for china has been to import. From zero 15years ago China has become the world's 2nd oil importer last year! China and India are relent mainly on non renewable energy which is need to be changed according to the International Energy Agency they need to depend more on nuclear and renewable sources of energy. By 2030 China will be importing the same amount of oil as the US currently imports daily. Whereas India's daily imports would have overtaken the European Union AND Japan! India's electricity management and distribution needs are viewed as reform. Every year a chunk of power is either lost or stolen. China and India need to use there coal more efficiently as they are so heavily dependent on the substance. Just last year China started importing coal even know they have large reserves of their own. Nuclear power is another idea, both India and China have well established nuclear program. Australia have decided not to sell uranium to India because they have no signed up to the nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty. More efficient ways that what are being done at the moment? China wants 15% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020. And India aimed for 10% by 2012 and has become the world leader in wind farms. China's dependency India Potential By the India's government’s estimates, energy consumption in this country of 1.1 billion is expected to quadruple over the next 25 years, inevitably expanding India’s emissions of greenhouse gases. India points out that it contributes only 4.6 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases although its people represent 17 percent of the world’s population. More and more Indians are able to afford a car now, as their salaries have risen along with the Indian economy's soaring growth. Foreign and domestic car firms have been ramping up capacity to meet that demand. Korean car maker Hyundai says India is one of its fastest growing car markets and is planning to double its production here. As the economy gets better more and more people are starting to afford luxuries.
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