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A Short Digest of a long Novel written

No description

Tugba Nur Ozyilmaz

on 13 December 2014

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Transcript of A Short Digest of a long Novel written

Discussion Questions
How was your relationship with your father when you were a child?
How would you describe your father?
What was your favorite game that you played with your father ?
What would you want from Santa if you were a child?
A Short Digest of a long Novel by Budd Schulberg

Warm-Up Questions
What is the significance of the little daughter in the story?
What kind of relationship does Mr.Steevers has with his daughter?
Why does the little girl say 'Everybody likes me' in the story?
After his daughter fall down why does Mr.Steevers say 'Now she's one of us'?
Budd Schulberg

Mr. Steevers loves his daughter and wants her to stay unblemished.
Her daughter is pure and innocent.
Billy is neighbour’s son
Rising Action
The father does not like Billy’s arrogance.
Billy tells her to jump, and he will catch her.

A Short Digest of a long Novel

Budd Schulberg
Born in New York City
Novelist, short story writer, playwright,travel writer, boxing editor and writer of screenplays.
The little girl is up on the table and jumps
Billy does not catch her
Falling Action
The little girl is crying on the floor
Her father tells her to stop crying
The little girl learned an important life lesson, she knows about being hurt and treachery
Place And Time
Mr Steevers' house
It is in the afternoon
The girl is 3 years old
Billy is 5 years old
Point of View
The story is narrated by third person(Father)
legs were shapely and firm and when
cross them and smiled with the self-assurance that always delighted
, he thought
was the only person
knew in the world who was unblemished.
Father & little daughter
Little daughter & environment
Little daughter & Billy
The little girl
Billy says; 'jump and i'll catch you' and the little daughter trusts him and jumps. But Billy deceives her and does not catch her and the girl falls.
Her father always protects his daughter. He talks to her softly and advices her something about life. He always talks to her without reprimanding but at the end after the down fall of her he talks harshly.
Santa Claus
Children receive presents from him on 6 December in many western countries.
The game they played=symbol of trust
In the life one has to learn that there are some you can trust some you cannot.

Reading Between The Lines
Billy was going to grow up into the type of man for whom he had a particular resentment. A sturdy, good-looking boy, big for his age, aggressively unchildlike, a malicious, arrogant, insensitive extrovert. I can just see him drunk and red-faced and pulling up girls' dresses at Legion Conventions, Mr. Steevers would think. And the worst of it was, his daughter seemed blind to Billy's faults.
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