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Native American Literature

No description

Lauren Stanislawski

on 17 January 2015

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Transcript of Native American Literature

The Beginning: Native American Literature
World on a Turtle's Back
A creation myth-explanation of how the world came to be
Iroquois culture/beliefs
What to look for in a myth
Does it instill awe?
Does it hold cultural values/beliefs?
Does it explain the world?
Does it guide people? (draw table chart)

Open your books to p. 25
What are examples of myths that you know?
Surrounded by Stereotypes!
Native Americans inhabited North American thousands of years BEFORE Europeans arrived
Over 200 district groups
What tribes have you heard of?
React to this quote: "A nation that does not know it's history has no future."
So many misconceptions...
Literature Circles
Discussion of literature, just like sports or anything else, discussion should sound natural.

Don't read off your sheet!

Be engaged!!
The View

Draw a T-chart: Cause and Effect
In your notebooks, draw a T-chart. On one side write cause and the opposite side write effect.

Focus: As you read, "World on a Turtle's Back," note the actions of different characters through this chart. What they want will be your "cause" and what happens will be the "effect."

Major Themes
Take out your notebooks: Give me your definition of folktales and trickster tales.
What if? Reflective Essay
Have a respect and balance for nature
"We are all connected."
Can you imagine if these guys colonized America first?
Themes of "World on a Turtle's Back
It is often said that power is a balancing act. In the story this is evident when the right-handed twin... "the straight mind" creates this, the left-handed twin... "the crooked mind" immediately creates that. In pairs, list examples of the power struggle between the right twin and the left twin.

Why do you suppose the Iroquois honor both the right-handed and the left-handed twin?
Key Vocab wRap-off terms:
Creation myth-explanation of how the world came to be

Oral tradition-everyone's first exposure to literature

Trickster tales-are folk tales that feature an animal or human character who engages in deceit, violence, and magic.
The twins in this myth represent "two ways of the world which are in all people"--the "straight mind" and the "crooked mind."

Write a 3 paragraph reflective essay in which you agree or disagree with this view of human character. Support your opinion with examples both from the text and your own life.
Work on: Creative Presentations
Refer to rubric

What songs can you think of that portray nature?
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