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Copy of Copy of Figurative Language in Music

English Homework

Barbara DiBlasi

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Figurative Language in Music

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Barb Paxton-DiBlasi
Plaza Middle
School Library

Ben Franklin
Library organization
interesting Facts
When you come in with your class, you will return your books to Mrs. Whisnant unless you want to renew.
What does it look like when you come into the library?
Destiny, our on-line catalog is accessable right here... but the computers are not set up yet... So, today you get to explore old school.
Mrs. DiBlasi
The Girls and Avery...
Paxton, Colston Weston and Grayston
Mrs. Whisnant
CJ and Abbey
Check out...
Check out
Two books for two weeks...
We do not circulate Magazines or Playaways
Book rules...
We do not track Accelerated Reading points.

You are responsible for chosing books that you may need for class as well as books that are perfect for you.
I do not want you to save seats for someone... because that may leave someone else out.
Soft Seating
Images from
Our family loves wrestling. Colston took first in the State last year.Weston and Grayston took 4th and 5th at State. Paxton won a National Broadcasting award.
She loves her dogs, Daisy and Duke... You will have to ask her for pictures... I couldn't cyberstalk her dogs...
There will be a bank of ten computers you can use on that side of the library Check in with Mrs. W. first to make sure a class has not reserved them... please..
Laptop issues...
Mrs. Thurston is the person you go to with any issues laptop/technology/or printer related.
Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts. Franklin is probably best known in the library community for founding the Library Company of Philadelphia in 1731. It was America's first lending library and can lay claim to being the predecessor of the free public library. For a brief period (Dec. 1733-Mar. 1734) Franklin actually served as the librarian for the Library Company. He also served as its secretary from 1746 to 1757. Franklin considered the Library Company to be the "Mother of all N. American Subscription Libraries ....". Franklin appeared on the first United States postage stamp (at left) and has been depicted on more U.S. postage stamps than any other American except George Washington.
Check out...
1. Select your books.
2. Tell Mrs. Whisnant your last name and spell it for her.
3. Flip your books over so she can scan the barcode.
Soft seating is a priveledge.
All of the furniture in the library is new. The last time there was all new furniture in this library, I was in 6th grade.
Tables... we do not rearrange furniture in the library unless we are working on the laptops together... or some other project. Always push your chair in PLEASE!!... Just face them towards the tables.
Mrs. Whisnant
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