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Child Prostitution

No description

Jennifer Vasco

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Child Prostitution

Poverty is one of the main sources of the problem.
Traffickers in children may take advantage of the parent's extrememe poverty by decieving the parents with telling them about how they can give a better life to their children concerning the prospects of training and etc.

There is also the lack of law enforcement in Thailand. Although child prostitution is technically illegal, it still operates freely around the country.
Source of the Problem
Groups contributing to the problem
There are many groups that contribute to child prositituion in Thailand.
Such as:
Aspects dealing with International Law
Treaties against child prostitution:
Children's rights treaty
the agreement stated the basic human rights people under age 18: the right to survival, full development, non-discrimination and protection from abuse and exploitation.

Optional Protocol on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography
A protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which prohibits the sale of children, child pornography, and child prostitution.

Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children
created to prevent and fight against the trafficking of people, assisting victims of human trafficking, and promoting cooperation among states to meet objectives; this ncludes the trafficking of people for sexual exploitation
Future Outcome
We predict that as the problem escalates, more people will realize how serious it is, and why there is a need to put a stop to it. People are already showing an interest in Helping the situation, so we believe that it is logical for the interest in the child prostitution in Thailand to increase.

We think the issue is important, but it is not getting enough attention. This may be because Thailand is a developing country, or for any other reason; regardless, the situation is not getting the attention it deserves from other countries. We also believe that there should be more law enforcement, especially over tourism in, because sex tourism contribute greatly to the problem. There should be stricter laws regulating prostitution withing the country, adn stricter boarder patrol to prevent children being trafficked into Thailand for the sex industry.
Child Prostitution:

The International Labour Organization estimated at least 1.8 million girls and boys under age 18 were involved in the global sex trade in 2000

Attempts made to improve the situation
Various countries have realized that child prostitution has become a major concern in Thailandbut no real action has been taken. Canadian politicians have questioned what Canada has done to help the situation in Thailand. American Butch Colvin ran the length of Thailand to raise awareness for child prostitution in Thailand. Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said he wanted to stop child abuse, especially trafficking of girls for sex. He said anyone trafficking children will face severe punishment.

"I join other members of the Royal Government ... to find a way to curb the worst inhuman act of children trafficking, especially our virgin girls for sex,"

An estimated 10,000 women and girls from neighboring countries have been lured into commercial sex establishments in Thailand. Girls and women are being brought from Myanmar, southern China, Laos and Cambodia to Thailand. (estimates by ECPAT [End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism]).

Foreign Tourists
Lack of law enforcement
The Government/ The Police

The following are programs created to try to decrease child prostitution:

The Innocence Lost National Initiative : addresses the sex trafficking of children

UNICEF supports initiatives against child and women trafficking in Thailand by providing counselling for exploited women and children.

ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography And Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes)
Boys in Prostitution
Although 90% of girls make up the child prostitution in Thailand, boys also contribute to this issue.

Almost all of the boys have never slept with women, and instead are forced to preform sexual favours and have intercourse with grown men.

Due to poverty, many of these boys turn to prostition in order to get money. Some of them aspire to be bigger things when they're older instead of working in the sex trade.
Sex Tourism: the organization of vacations with the purpose of taking advantage of the lack of restrictions imposed on prostitution and other sexual activities by some foreign countries.

Children are born into poverty and sold for sex. Thousands of men flock to Thailand each year- many of them are American- may think they're involved in nothing more than prostitution, by any definition it is rape.

This is a delicate issue because there is no way to control sex tourism
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