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12 steps of engineering design process

No description

Raul Delgado

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of 12 steps of engineering design process

12 steps of engineering design Define the problem- designer clearly outlines what human need or want exists to solve the problem. Brainstorm- Is a group of individual problem-solving design process in which each person in the group present his or her idea in an open forum. Generate ideas- designers can let their imagination run free with suggestion from the brainstorming session. Research ideas & explore possibilities- research to determine if a solution to the problem already exists. identify criteria & specify constraints- identifying criteria and specifying constraints will prove the basis for what the design should be and what its limits are. Consider alternative solutions- other solutions could work just as well as the one selected by the designer. select an approach- based on the analysis, the desinger chooses the solution that best meets the criteria and constraints. Develop a written design proposal- A design proposal is a written plan that specifies what the design will look like and what resources are needed to develop it. Make a model or prototype- models allow designers to make a smaller version to save time & money. test & evaluate the design using specifications- models and/or prototypes are tested. refine/create the design- based on the evaluation and testing results, designers refine the design of the product Communicate the results- designers need to communicate their results to perpetuate innovation and so others with similar problems can learn from their design process.
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