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Lessons from Permaculture

No description

Matt Piccone

on 16 February 2015

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Transcript of Lessons from Permaculture

Lessons from Permaculture
Resilience through Redundancy
Every type of organism should perform multiple functions
Every function should be performed by multiple organism types
The case for multi-functionalists
There's no such thing as waste
Don't give up on your mistakes.
Fix what you break
Embrace diversity without spreading yourself too thin
Tools and Garden Supplies
Soil Development

Identify disruptive forces
Reinforce and maintain your flows and channels.
Make sure grooves don't turn into ruts.
Erosion Control
Remove known toxins early, let the rest grow
What does not fit your current needs
Shifting Long and Short Term Priorities through Observation & Experimentation
Record (and eat) Your Findings
Refine your Framework and Adapt Your System
Test some ideas
Failure is OK!
Our household nutrient distribution chain
Sometimes, a temporary solution is all you have
throw it again!
Used to be grass
...and managing expectations
Radish pods..YUM!
Pear tree - with bandage and sling
New growth!
Aphids love kale
The best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago, the second best time is now.
The best place to save your seeds is in the ground
Annual change
Seasonal change
Individual life cycles
Plan for the ideal, but expect it to change
more flexible
small/more-frequent maintenance
Discover value you didn't know was there
Understand your resource flows
Understand your Plan in Phases 1 month to 20 years
Plant something!
You might be surprised at what can grow.
Define Opportunities and Challenges
Dynamic Scoping with Nature
Resistance vs Flexibility
Have a canning recipe and mason jars ready
Plan for your successes
Map your changes &
take advantage of opportunities
Note your actions & observations
less flexible
large/less-frequent maintenance
Balance between
Human Food
Chicken Food
Pollinator Attractor
Beneficial Insect Attractor
Nitrogen Fixer
Structure for other plants
Soil & Moisture Retention
Soil development
Wildlife Habitat
Wind Break
Fill the space to maximize use
Want to Learn More?
PDX Permaculture
Gaia's Garden
Identify Patterns in the Environment
External forces:
trading with others
capturing/storing water
seed saving
compost on site
keeping livestock
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