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How to make an Instagram

No description

Steven Fraser

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of How to make an Instagram

Step 1 :
First you have to go into the app store and go to the search bar at the top of the page and type in "Instagram"
Step 2 :
After you type that options will come up, the first one should be Instagram
Step 3 :
Press download, you will be asked to put in your Icloud password. ( if you dont have an Icloud then this process will not be helpful to you)
Step 4:
After you put in your password if required you will see the app show up somewhere on your screen when this happens you just click on it and then make your account
How to make an Instagram
Step 5 :
When you press on the app there will be two options either sign in or sign up. (You’re going to want to go with the sign up one)
Step 6:
After you press the button a box will come up,It is going to ask you for your email.
Step 7:
Then you have to make a username that no one has. It will put a red x if you cannot use it, if it is a green check mark that means you can use it!
Step 8:
Next you will have to make a password, make sure it’s good so no one can hack your account.
Step 9:
You can put your phone number if you want to but it is optional.
Step 10:
Then after that put a profile picture so people know who you are.
You are now an official Instagramer!
Warning: The pictures that you post will now be online, if you don’t want everyone to see them make your Instagram private. (In settings)
Materials Needed:
any device perhaps iPhone iPad android Samsung galaxy anything along those lines also an account to download it on because it might ask for password as a safety instruction (not all phones have this requirement)
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