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Female Discrimination

No description

Amélie Peters

on 26 January 2014

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Transcript of Female Discrimination

The Female Quota
To what extent is female discrimination
still an issue in Germany?

Our Real Life Example is the Female Quota in Germany:
Background Information
German chancellor Angela Merkel is in favor of the quota
Economists are against this legislation
The 40% Board Room Quota is our Real Life Issue as it demonstrates German gender inequality

The fact that a quota exists,
implies that there is sexism in Germany.
The German language discriminates women:

Feuerwehrmann (fireman)
Mutterschaftsurlaub (maternity leave)

This demonstrates the male dominance in everyday life.
Sense Perception
The way humans are perceived is highly subjective.
It is a form of discrimination to be preferred or disliked by one's physical appearance.
The Spiegel writes that application pictures “do not replace qualification but are the decisive factor.”
A study by Psychology Associate Professor Comila Shahani-Denning “supports the notion that being physically attractive is an advantage when applying for a job”.
From childhood on boys are taught to be the stronger, dominant sex, while the princess needs to be protected.
Some German companies do not employ women, as they fear pregnancy and therefore maternity leave.
A study in 78 countries by Regus shows that companies hesitate to employ possible mothers.
Thank you for coming to our presentation!

September 2013
By Leonie Sack & Amelie Peters
Many employers fear that women distract co-workers with their “feminine wiles”.
Men tend to flirt at the working place but this results into much more dissatisfaction, like a study from Adrian Banks and Moussa has shown.
61% Christians - Catholics & Protestants
These religions see women inferior to men
status subiectionis (submission)
No equal rights in the workplace
Abortion, birth control pill, contraception
Should there be equality?

Female Quota - Right or Wrong?

What do you think about positive discrimination?

Have you ever experienced discrimination?

Thank you!
Ways of Knowing
Different ways of knowing are aspects to gain knowledge.
The following ways of knowing answer us to what extent there is still discrimination in Germany.
Areas of Knowledge
Are methods of gaining knowledge in distinct natures.
This makes us consider claims and issues that arise in different sections of knowledge.
Adolf Hitler influenced Germany's view with his anti-feminism
The 3 K's : Küche, Kinder, Kirche (Children, Kitchen, Church)
This created a discriminating picture in the past with no independence for women.
The role of women has evolved over the years, and therefore a woman cannot be reduced to what lies in the past.
taz, The Guardian
History for the IB Diploma - Authoritarian and Single-Party States
The Greens -
European Free Alliance in the European Parliament
Women earn 23% less than their male counterparts
The General Equal Treatment Act 2006 - Failure
Difficult to sue employers
Women do not fight for their right, accept inequality
Men with less qualification preferred over women with higher experience or qualification
We know that female discrimination is still an issue in Germany because :

The Female Quota debate exists.
In Areas of Knowledge such as history, ethics and religion there is discrimination.
Ways of Knowing tell us that we discriminate in forms of physical appearance, vocabulary, domestic policies, prejudice.

Female Discrimination is still an issue in Germany to the extent that:

It is an underground form of discrimination and not evident in everyday life, however a closer investigation was important.
Most women do not feel discriminated.
University of Leipzig changed all male vocabulary into the female version as a sign of fairness (Proffesor Professorin)

The Protestant Church is against the image of male dominance and supports raped, beaten or otherwise abused women as well as single mothers.

Majority of women we interviewed did not feel discriminated in Germany.
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