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No description

on 14 June 2014

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Transcript of NPRO

The Mustard Seed

Danielle Densmore
Sajda Kanji
-Grew out of the First Baptist Church’s Burning Bush Coffeehouse ministry a drop-in center for young street people
-The “Burning Bush” began under the leadership of Reverend Bob Ball
-Very informal setting for youth to get together for conversation, Bible study, and listening to Christian music

In 1983 the Victory Mustard Seed Street Church was invited to participate with the Burning Bush
This summer, the Burning Bush took the first step to becoming the Calgary Mustard Seed a house of God for the underprivileged

Mission Statement
The Mustard Seed Street Ministry is a non-profit, Christian humanitarian organization that responds compassionately to the needs of the inner-city's less fortunate through mobilizing and working with the church and the community.

In 2007 the Mustard Seed had over 11,000 volunteers

Volunteers must:

Fill out an application
Attend volunteer training
Complete a police clearance check
Provide 3 references
Sign a statement of faith agreeing to adhere to The Mustard Seed`s mission statement but do not have to share their religious beliefs

Volunteer Positions

Housing Support
Volunteer Team Leads
Essential Services
Kitchen Leaders
Street Level
Line Dance Instructor
Short Segment Videographer
AfterCare Support
AfterCare Intake
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