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Anaerobic Workout

Lifting weights

Jason Zerbach

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Anaerobic Workout

Monday = Chest & triceps
Bench Presses
Incline Bench Presses
Dumbell Flyes
Pec Machine
Close Grip Bench
Skull Crushers Workout Program Client Information:
Rick James
23 years old
11% BF 175lbs/
Very active with resistance training
He wants to change things up
No health Concerns Testing Procedures: Grip Strength test:
60kg One rep max:
Bench - 225lbs
Leg Press-300lbs Muscular endurance test:
Lat Pull Down-66% of BW-13reps
Arm Curl-33% of BW -13reps
Triceps Extensions-50% of BW-13reps Session 1 - 4week routine
4 day split workout
Monday - Chest & Triceps
Tuesday - Back & Biceps
Wednesday - Day Off
Thursday - Shoulders
Friday - Legs 4 x 10 4 x 10 2 x12 4x10 4 x10 2 x 12 Tuesday = Back & Bicep
Bent Over rows
Cable Pull Downs
T-bar rows
Good Mornings
Barbell Curls
Hammer Curls 4 x 10 4 x 10 4 x 10 2 x 12 2 x 12 2 x 12 Thursday = Shoulders
Military Presses
Upright Rows
Arnold Press
Front Raises
Bent over dumbell laterals 4x10 4x10 4x10 4x10 2x12 2x12 Friday = Legs
Leg Presses
Farmers Walk
Standing Calf Raises
Seated Calf Raises 4x10 4x10 4x10 4x10 2x12 2x12 4 sets x10 reps per large Muscle group
2 sets x12 reps for smaller muscle groups
Use weight that only allows assigned reps
Rest periods = 1 minute Every Workout starts with a Warm-up 30sec each
Butt Kicks
Jumping Jacks
Arm Swings
Toy soldiers Hypertrophy workout program End routine with Cool down and stretches
Walking for 5 minutes
Stretches - 30 sec each movement Session 2 - 4 week routine
4 day split workout
Monday - Chest & Triceps
Tuesday - Back & Biceps
Wednesday - Day Off
Thursday - Shoulders
Friday - Legs
Larger muscle groups 4 sets x 5 reps
Smaller Muscle groups 2 sets x 8 reps
Rest periods= 1.5 minutes Monday = Chest & tricep
Bench Presses
Incline Bench Presses
Cable CrossOvers
Pec Machine
Close Grip Bench
Weighter Dips 4X5 4x5 4x5 4x5 2x8 2x8 Tuesday= Back and Biceps
Dead Lifts 4x5
Weighted Pullups 4x5
Bent Over rows 4x5
Dumbbell Rows 4x5
Preacher Curls 2x8
Cable Curls 2x8 Thursday = Shoulders
Push Presses 4x5
DB Military presses 4x5
Shrugs 4x5
Upright Rows 4x5
Face pulls 2x8
lateral dumbbell raises 2x8 While his muscular endurance is really decent Rick's strength is not the best. So we set up a hypertrophy routine followed by a strength routine. Goal of the 8 Week program:
INcrease One Rep Max by 10%. I feel that this is highly probable since Rick's test shows that he has focused more on condition type exercises and not strength. Which in his filed strength is necesarry when trying to haul hoses and people.
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