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It's More than Just a Fan

8th Grade El Idioma del Abanico Spanish Project

Jaz Ochoa

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of It's More than Just a Fan

It's More than Just a Fan By: Jasmine Sawaged 18th Century Fans 1) Europe imorted fans from China
2) Every level of society can now access fans
3) Most 18th century fans only form a 1/3rd or 3/8th circle
4) The sticks are about 28-30 cm long, rarely shorter (25-26 cm) or longer (up to 32 cm)
5) The sticks were made of wood, mother of pearl, tortoiseshell or ivory
6) During the 18th century, the majority of the fans only depicted people and landscapes
7)The rivet that holds the fan together is often set with a rhinestone or gem
8) Only during a short period around 1750, half-circle fans were a bit more frequent, often with quite ornately painted and carved sticks
9)There were folding and brisé fans. Brisé fans were common until about 1730, then rare until 1800/1810
10) French fans were so popular that they were smuggled into Europe during the 18th century
11) The folding fan was the most popular in Europe during the 18th century, a time known as the golden age of the folding fan. The principal folding fan styles are pleated, brisé, and cockade. Resources:
http://www.ideco.com/fans2/index.html (to purchase fans) Folding fan c. 1750. Stick length 29,5 cm Brisé fan, early 18th century MY FAN Decoré mi abanico de esta manera porque es divertido y lleno de color. Las tiras de patrón se asemeja sabor español. La pintura me recuerda el arte mexicano de colores. El color de rojo y amarillo me recuerdan a méxico. Creo que los abanicos deben ser vibrante y divertida de ver. The fan was a cooling sntrument and communication device. Mainly, the fan transmitted secret love messages. A long time ago, the language of the fan was universal, famous and popular; now, however, this interesting language has been completley forgotton.

A woman can tell a man whatever she wants without words, that's why the Langage of the Fan became so popular. These signals and messages were between two people, and private. For example, by resting the fan on her heart, she can ransmit the message: "My love for you is breaking my heart." Or by placeing the fan in her right hand in front of her face, she may tell the man, "Follow me."

There are a variety of messages someone can tell another with just a fan. The Language of the Fan Uses of the Fan: Communication Gestures Both are touching their folded fans to their right cheeks, a gesture that meant, "Yes." Open fan at rest, "Wait for me." Open fan in right hand, "Come and talk to me." POEM Abanico
Accesorio Necesario
Formal, elegante, agraciado
Refresco, Hermoso, diversión, lisonjero,
Idioma Hand Fans that Interest Me Size: Medium.
Background color: Navy blue.
Length (when closed): 21.5 cm (8 ½ inches)
Width (when unfold): 39 cm (15 ½ inches)
Height (when unfold): 21.5 cm (8 ½ inches)
Ribbing: High quality pear wood, nicely enameled and hand painted.
Leaf: Durable cotton fabric, hand painted.
Decoration: A beautiful white and blue floral painting and trimming with trimming on the leaf edge. The verso of this fan shows a minor painting of four stems with flowers in the same style as those on the recto, on a navy blue background.
This fan snap opens and shuts with very smooth movement and nice sound. Main colors: Green, white.
Length (when closed): 21 cm (8 ½ inches)
Width (when unfold): 39 cm (15 ½ inches)
Height (when unfold): 21 cm (8 ½ inches)
Ribbing: High quality pear wood, nicely enameled and painted by hand.
Leaf: Durable cotton fabric, painted by hand.
Decoration: A beautiful painting of white flowers on a green foliage. The verso of this fan shows a minor painting of two of flowers and a few stems with green leaves, on the white background. These are in the collection of classic hand fans of "A COOL BREEZE".The fans from this collection have been carefully hand-crafted and painted by skilled artisans. They feature beautiful, traditional style designs. Their durable fabric leaves are mounted on nicely worked wooden ribbings. Fan
Necessary Accessory
Formal, elegant, graceful
Refreshing, beautiful, fun, flattering,
Language Translation NO! (Fan to left cheek) Placing on left ear: I want to be rid of you DEMO OF HAND GUESTURES: VIDEO
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