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Fly Thru the Pharmacy

The Process of Pharmacy at the Veterans Hospital, VA Medical Center San Juan, Puerto Rico

Axel Villacis

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Fly Thru the Pharmacy

No More Waiting... Flying thru the Pharmacy Prescription Medicine by Mail Your provider will prioritize by having urgent medications be dispensed at the Pharmacy and sending by mail all non urgent medications. For This to Work you must keep all of your medication refills for your chronic conditions up-to-date, so when you come to see your healthcare provider, you still have enough medication at home. Will identify which "Urgent" medication
needs to be picked up that same day and which non-urgent medication will be sent by mail. Your Physician What to Do at the Pharmacy? Medication refills are not automatically sent by mail. At the San Juan Pharmacy we want to improve your satisfaction with our service
by decreasing the time you wait for your prescription in person. What Does This New Process Mean? Non Urgent Remember,Don't take a Number... Urgent We have a New Process for the Pharmacy Did You Know? Don't take a Number If the Medication is Urgent. the pharmacy will dispatch it automatically, wait for your name to appear on the screen and join the line at window #7. All Non-Urgent Medication will be sent by Mail. You don't have to visit the Pharmacy after you see your Physician. Let's go thru the process Wait for Your Name to appear on the Monitor. Go to Window #7 to Pick Up
when your name appears on
screen. You must request them... Refill Slips www.myhealthevet.com Telephone System 1-877-737-8820 Want to know how? When do I request Medication Refills? Do Not Wait Request refills as soon as you receive your medication. Remember Thanks for Your Service Please have your ID Card Ready... For Additional Information Find us on the Web and Facebook www.caribbean.va.gov www.facebook.com/VACaribbean
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