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Client and Developer Relations

No description

branwen quiano

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Client and Developer Relations

Questioning clients needs
Questioning clients is very important in the process because it allows the developer to fully understand the needs of the client, and provide the most satisfactory end product.

It also ensures that everything is very clear when the program is being built.
How to effectively listen to clients
Take notes during meetings
direct eye contact with the client
be welcoming (smiling, nodding, open body language)
well thought out, meaningful responses
ask questions
Listening to Clients

Listening to clients is an essential part of creating a successful program. It is important because without having a clear understanding of what the client is looking for developers can seem distant, uninterested and unmotivated.
Client and Developer Relations
Making a connection with the client shows professionalism and a keen interest in providing good services and a positive experience.
How to question clients' needs
Beware of how questions are phrased
Be humble
Collaborate on thoughts and ideas instead of pushing your own suggestions
Have specific, valid questions
Pre-planning before meeting clients
Dress professionally
Prepare questions before meeting
Leave your problems behind (be in a good mood)
Be positive
Have all your notes ready
Be on time!
Be respectful
Show up to any planned meetings
Give very advanced dates and plenty of leeway
Be focused
Dress appropriately
Scheduling regular meetings with clients
It is very important to schedule regular meetings with your clients to make sure that the program is exactly what they are looking for and you are on the right track.

By scheduling meetings, it also allows you to regularly make changes to your program depending on what the clients want.
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