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Symbolism in The Pedestrian

No description

Zane Nguyen

on 26 August 2015

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Transcript of Symbolism in The Pedestrian

Setting and Authors Focus
-The author and narrator focus on
the nothingness throughout the society.
-The setting in the society is very futuristic, with a different lifestyle then what we currently live in. The authors creates an image of a quiet, lonely society that is very impersonal.
- Leonard Mead's house is the only one in the neighborhood with the lights turned on. Everything else is completely dark.
- The machine controlled police car is taking the place of humans in this story.

The Transformation of the Main Character
-The narrator portrays Leonard Mead as an easy going man who took a stroll and got in trouble. In most stories you see characters change into a new person after a conflict emerges, but unlike most stories Leonard Mead sticks to who he is and is honest about it even though he knows he can get in trouble.
-Be aware of the use of technology in the society today
-Friendly=> Anti-Social
-Human Interaction will decrease; We need to interact
-How Leonard Mead is different
-Don't let our future be like Leonard Mead
-Point of view of the author
Re-Addressing Themes
-The Story exemplifies the theme of modernization, the world in this story has become so developed that walking has now become an old thing to do. Ray Bradbury continuously addresses this theme by describing the surroundings of which Mr.Mead walks everyday. It is described as a lone and barren place, despite all the traffic noise in the back, Mr.Mead is the only walker in the town.
-The theme of modernization is constantly addressed throughout the story by describing the settings.
Focus of the Story
In Leonard's world, they have a reached a point where technology has stripped the society of imagination and any form of fellowship.
The Pedestrian
By Ray Bradbury

- Ray Bradbury uses the literary devices in
The Pedestrian
such as Symbolism, Setting, Point of View, and Conflict to develop the theme that teaches us to not evolve to antisocial beings.
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