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Safe Driving | Taylor Boyd

A presentation for Taylor Boyd presenting safe driving to high school students in Central Florida

Ellefont Creatives

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Safe Driving | Taylor Boyd

Yes, someone may be riding too close to your behind, or swerving in and out of lanes, but you will
be smarter than that!
Keep some space all around you at all times, so if someone else is driving recklessly, you can avoid it...

Where Does The Line Become Blurry?

" I don't care whether you're driving a hybrid or an SUV. If you're headed for a cliff, you have to change direction. "
President Barack Obama
how do you know you're headed for a cliff?
For many of you, that question sounds ridiculous. You might be thinking, well Taylor, the answer is simple. There's a cliff right in front of me.
i agree. If a cliff were right in front of you, you would quickly change direction or go right off. But for many driving situations, the cliff isn't so obvious.
When driving a car, there are tons of cliffs that prevent you from staying safe. For many of them, their just not that easy to see.
So what exactly are these "invisible cliffs" I'm referring to?
Texting and driving
Drinking & Driving
and so many more...
the important thing is that you stay aware while you are driving
and surround yourself with others
who know how to be safe
as well.

We all like to think "it will never happen to us" until....
Nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year, on average 3,287 deaths a day.

An additional 20-50 million are injured or disabled.
It could be as small as this...
or as bad as this....
What You SHould Avoid While Driving

(though it may seem obvious, let's go down that road..)
don't drive sleepy.
driving tired can slow your reaction time, so if something bad were coming your way, you might not be ready to get out of the way.
don't drink and drive
Drinking & Driving
If You Drink & Drive There Are Very, Very Serious Consequences
Getting Arrested.
In Florida the legal drinking limit to enter a motor vehicle is less then 0.08% for anyone over the age of 21.

Under the age of 21? The limit is only 0.02%!
Pretty small huh? If you get caught drinking and driving above the limit, you could face $10,000 in fines, jail time, and having your license taken away.
Losing your life.
Avoid Distractions.
Messing with your radio or driving with ear buds in your ears
Eating while driving
Talking or texting
putting one makeup or doing your hair
Driving without two hands (or with your knees, yes, I know we've all done it!)
or stealing someone elses.
In 2012, 10,322 people died in drunk driving accidents as reported by MADD. That is one person every 51 minutes.
Just think about that for one moment. By the time this presentation is over, someone will have died by a drunk driver.
What could be a fatal distraction?
Losing the trust and respect of everyone around you.
Don't Speed.
Speeding can lead to expensive tickets, losing your license, and potentially injuring you or someone else.
Know your vehicle inside & out
Make sure you check your:
Timing belt

Give yourself some space.
Texting & Talking On The Phone.
in 2011, 23% of car accidents were caused by a cell phone, and that statistic only keeps going up.
If you are texting and driving, the minimal amount of time you're eyes are off the road is 5 seconds...Lets count to 5 and think about everything that could happen in simply 5 seconds.

1 mississippi
2 mississippi
3 mississippi
4 mississippi
5 mississippi

you are 23x more likely to get into a car accident while texting and driving
teens who text while driving spend approximately 10% of their time outside of the lane
So, if you MUST use your phone while driving because of an emergency,
utilize your smart phones if you have one "speak to" features and let SIri do the work for you!

or just pull over!
Really though. Just don't text and drive.
You're better alive!
So guys,
Next time you get into a car, i hope you remember to stay aware, and don't let the line between safe and unsafe driving
become blurry.


Whether its disappointing your parents or the people who love you the most, the repercussions of drinking and driving can leave you feeling like you've let everyone down.

First Drunk Driving Conviction (Note: BAL = Blood Alcohol Level)
Jail – 6 Months Maximum (BAL from .08 to less than .15)
Jail - 9 Months Maximum (BAL above .15)
Fine – From $500 to $1,000 (BAL from .08 to less than .15)
Fine – From $1,000 to $2,000 (BAL above .15) or Minor in Vehicle
License – Suspended from 180 Days to 1 Year
Hardship Reinstatement – Complete DUI School Prior to Hardship Application
Ignition Interlock Device – Up to 6 Months (Hardship Reinstatement BAL above.15)
Community Service Fine - $10 for Each Hour of Community Service Required
Community Service – 50 Hours
Treatment Program May Be Allowed in Lieu of Imprisonment
Vehicle Impound – 10 Days
the repercussions of your first dui in the state of Florida
Its just not worth it....
safe driving
taylor boyd
It can happen to anyone.....
How to avoid drinking & driving
So now that you know how much drinking and driving can ruin your future, and hurt someone you love, the better question is,
how do I avoid it?
Here are some other options
Choose a designated driver
We All Have To Make Sacrifices Sometimes...
How DO We choose a designated driver?
a designated driver is one person chosen to stay sober for the night. This person wont drink anything, because they are
driving their friends home
Sometimes the most fair way to do something takes us back to elementary school.
If you and 5 friends are going out to a party, and intend on drinking, put all of your names into a hat and pick one persons name. That person is the designated driver!
I know it may sound silly, but it works. and no one feels that it is unfair.
If finding a designated driver just isn't working, there are other ways to
prevent drinking and driving.

CALL a taxi
a taxi can pick you up whenever you need! You can utilize a taxi when you drink so you prevent a DUI or worse....
Okay guys, take some notes here! These are some numbers to taxi services. They are available all across central Florida.
Mears taxi service: 855-4-mears-now

Diamond cab company: 407-982-4983

Yellow cab co: 407-422-2222
What if someone you know has been drinking and insists on driving?

Clearly, you are the smart one. You are the individual who thinks about what they want in life, and they know drinking and driving could ruin everything they are working for. But when you see a friend about to risk their life and drink and drive, you can stop it.
It may seem out of your control, or maybe that you're overstepping your boundaries, but take someones keys who is about to drink and drink.
It's the best way to stop it, before something
horrible happens.
Before we end...
A little bit about alcohol...
Alcohol is a depressant, and can alter your mood in a negative way.
Many people feel angry, tired, or confused when they drink. Even though media makes it sound fun, most people feel that they have made some of their worst decisions while drinking.
What does it mean that alcohol is a depressant?
When you drink alcohol, you are slowing dwn your central nervous system. This can make you feel sad, and can have negative impacts on your personality.
It's not so fun to be sad...is it?
Feeling depressed can often come from drinking alcohol. While drinking you can feel sad, emotional, and react more sensitively to difficult situations.
The Truth is...no one wants to be sad.
Be Smart About it.
Remember...the legal drinking age is 21 years old. Getting caught drinking underage can lead to getting arrested, or jail time.
If you're under the age of 21, the best way to avoid drinking and driving or serious consequences, is to not drink at all.
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