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Physical Bullying

No description

Zina Horan

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Physical Bullying

By: Zina Ahmed Physical Bullying What is physical bullying? Whats a bully? Whats a victim? ... Why is the bully bullying? ... Physical Bullying is when someone repeatedly hits, punches, slaps etc. someone. A bully is the person who causes the problem. They repeatedly abuse the victim when they did nothing wrong. A victim is the person being bellied. In this case for physical bullying they are punched, kicked, tripped etc. It can make them feel powerful knowing they can beat up someone Can be because of family issues:
there can be violence and anger at home daily so they think its normal to behave that way at school (can impair judgement) Can be taking out anger in general or because of problems at home
their personality plays a part too PARENTS:
make sure you always know whats going on
be a good role model
if its serious, see therapist
talk it out How can you help a bully stop bullying? ... Friends:
let teachers, parents or any adults know How does the bully abuse the victim? hitting
stealing Some Statistics in 2006 when the UK took a national survey: 34% of victims needed to go to a doctor or hospital
3% involved a weapon in America... Dan Olweus from the National School Safety Center says their are aprox. 2.1 million bullies How do victims get abused? How can victims get help? #1 rule: tell someone!
parents stand up for your self
avoid the bully
don't bully back
hide feelings if you know a victim... remind them its not their fault Why are they bullied: Small
have low self esteem
easy to pick on Some Statistics in the U.S.A, 282,000 kids are attacked every month 90% of 4-8th graders were victims yep Did you know that 75% of school shootings had to do with the shooter being physically bullied? Bystanders its harder for bystanders to try and stand up becuase most are scared they'll get hurt the video shows: by standers are shy too
don't want to stand out
if they saw a poorly dressed victim they wouldn't help vs a good looking one Final Statistic 56% have seen some one get bullied and most did nothing In the end, the bystander and victim have the power to stop physical bullying only if the tell someone or do something Whats a bystander? A bystander witnesses the bullying happening but does nothing Whats a bully? A bully is the person who causes the problem. They repeatedly abuse the victim when they did nothing wrong.
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