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AP Spanish Language and Culture Summer Assignment

No description

Prof. H. Lecakes-Jones

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of AP Spanish Language and Culture Summer Assignment

RBHS AP Spanish Language and Culture Course
Ask our librarian to check out
a practice book!
Sacamos una "A" y un 5!
Summer assignment!
Dear AP Spanish Students;

Welcome to AP Spanish! The summer assignment is made not to torture you, but rather to make sure that you start out feeling comfortable in class. We will have fun, but you will be less stressed if you do the following five tasks during summer.

Check out “El libro rojo” Spanish Three Years grammar book from our RB HS library. It is expected that you know all of the Red Grammar book’s grammar chapters: 1 through 11 and 13, 14, 15, 17, and 18. I will teach you: chapters 19, 16, 20, 21, 22, 23 as well as verbs like gustar, relative pronouns (lo que) and variations of regional grammatical items (vos=tú, vosotros commands)
Non-native speakers you really need to know all the tenses before starting the AP Spanish class. Skim through El libro rojo de gramática to see what vocab or grammar you may have to brush up on. There are lists of verbs in each chapter. Skim through to see what you need to memorize.
Heritage Learners (students whose first language or home language is Spanish.) The tenses are the easy part so… Please brush up on the accent mark rules, and spellings of those silent but deadly (ja ja ja ) “h” words: haber, hacer… and the “s”/”c” spellings.)
Please remember that all regionalisms (dialects of Spanish) are acceptable!! No matter what anyone tells us, there is no such thing as "The Correct Spanish," but understand that we will be adding to our Spanish vocabulary and yes, grammar, just as we have added to our academic vocabulary in our English.
Some words/verbs that are in El libro rojo de gramática, we never use in speaking Spanish, but we will read, write, and use them in the AP classroom.-learn them, please.
Read!!!!! Read one short story per week over the summer. Check out a free-read from our new collection of books (Harry Potter, Crepúsculo…)or
Check out “El libro azul” and read as many short stories as possible
Review the appendixes of “El libro Azul” pages 413-432 Gosh, they are awesome for the AP exam!!! You will thank the author after the AP exam for putting that appendix in the book!
Watch videos (put on the subtitles in SPANISH)
Watch television in Spanish
Tune your radio to a Spanish station in the car
If you attend religious services, go to the spanish-language services.
Volunteer in the community where you need to use your Spanish
Have fun!
Fill out the form at the bottom and hand (or email) it back to the AP Profe.

Me llamo____________________________________
Quisiera tomar la clase de AP porque…___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Mi correo electrónico ______________________________________________________________
Questions? We will answer you back rapidísimo
hlecakes@powayusd.com or

la gramática
un cuento
cada semana
El libro de texto:
La palabra de honor:
No hablo inglés nunca
en el salón de español.
MUCHO que hacer:
ensayos de
5 parafos
con 2 fuentes (sources)
mucho de la
cultura hispana
hablar muchísimo
Para salir bien en este curso tenemos que...
Desempeñar presentaciónes orales
En mi clase...
Chicos, hay
mucho que
tenemos que hacer...
¿Tienen preguntas?
Profe Lecakes
Profe Sevilla

Learn Spanish!!
Take a practice test!
You MUST promise
to use ONLY Spanish
in this class!
This is the exam breakdown:
read and answer multi-choice questions based on one reading
read and answer multi-choice questions based on two readings and or graphs/charts/data (You will have to compare/contrast.)
listen 2times to an oral source on CD and answer multi-choice questions.
Write a letter in response to another letter
have a mock conversation with a CD
write a 5 paragraph essay using three supports that are given to you. The support documents are usually one reading, one chart/graph and one listening selection.
Give a 2 minute oral presentation on a cultural topic. The sources are YOUR home culture compared to ANY Spanish speaking culture that you have learned about or have been in contact with. The topics are generalized and have to do with the 5 themes
First day of AP Spanish
we will have a test on
grammar AND
these words and concepts!
Memorize them!
Summer assignment!
What is on the test?!
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