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No description

shyenne genette

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of gangs

gangs the history can go all the way back to the 1700's. By the 1950's the united states had the worst juvinile crime statics in the western world.
earliest known in 1200AD, orphans often joined pick-pocket gangs run by adult criminals,
types of gangs History notable gangs common behaivor hells angels, irish mob, italian mafia, latin kings, black disiples, latin eagles, mexican mafia, 18th street, triads, Sur thirteen, blood gang, gangster two-six, the numbers (south america), vice lords, 4 Corner Hustlers there are very many but at least 800-10,000 in the united states alone. they have certain tatoos, signs, symbols, and colors to identify their gang. vandalism, graffiti, violence there three types of gangs; street (drug trafficing, theft, murder, weapons), prison (linked with criminals outside of the prison, murders, revenge, a lot like street gangs), and outlaw motorcycle gangs (murders, rape, prostitution, weapon trafficing, intimidation of the public and witness). some of the things gangs do is dangerous to us but funny to them. there are many different cities that gangs are always fighting with others new york
las vegas
las angelas
any state can basiclly have any type of gang some even have traveling gangs so they go state tom state gangs most of the time stick together but once your in jail some gangs will send someone to kill you
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