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Visual reinforcement of the learning message

Visual reinforcement of a message, not just WHAT you say but HOW you say it. More at http://spatkinson.wordpress.com

Simon Atkinson

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Visual reinforcement of the learning message

How does
visual structure
assist comprehension? Prezi is a breath of fresh air But do I need to jump, swing and swivel? Is it helping me make my point? or just making.... everyone feel 'see-sick' ! So... how should Prezi presentations
structure information ? Here's a suggestion... Sometimes information is 'Linear' One piece of information
relates to the next. Each visual can 'move through'
information in a linear fashion.

Traditional, perhaps... but effective and
not consciously disruptive Sometimes, you DO want to disrupt SURPRISE! even to confuse.... Then - you have a reason to create a visual disruption To present a counter-view or make the point that an issue has several sides So information can be supported
by visualising it as linear,
or disruptive.

It can also be layered. Sometimes we want students to look deeply into an issue Explore a theme in greater depth and understand that behind a concept or an idea are layers of meaning Then, it makes sense to 'drill-down' visually as you do in your argument just not to an extr e m e Visual Rhetoric and the non-linear presentation What about VISUAL messages? What about sound? We are still important :-) images
Visual reinforcement of the learning message Simon Atkinson
Learning and Teaching Team
BPP University College
March 2013
http://spatkinson.wordpress.com (if we have something to say) What powerful ideas might a single image suggest? the Visual Rhetoric is important

HOW we visually present matters
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