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No description

Diane Clement

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of BE INSPIRED!

Welcome to 3A

Students will focus on:
Gaining responsibility and Independence
Learning the skill sets to be successful in 4th grade
Becoming great citizens
Following the PYP Learner Profile/Attitudes
Learning to LEARN
Last year the LS implemented a program called the daily 5 and CAFE. Each day the students will focus on different reading, writing and word work strategies, conference one-on-one and take personal ownership of goals and next steps.


Last year ASF adopted a new math program. Math in focus is used widely in Singapore. It follows the common core standards and children are presented with real, hands on math.
p. 73-74 1.(a)
Unit 1 - "How we Organize Ourselves"
Our decisions and actions effect our learning community.
(check out flip books)
Unit 2 – “Where We Are in Place and Time”
Native cultures and modern societies influence one another.
Unit 3 – “Sharing the Planet”
Water is a limited resource and it is essential to life.
Unit 4 – “How we Express Ourselves”
We express ourselves through different forms of communication.
Unit 5 – “How the World Works”
Natural phenomena and forces cause changes in our environment.
Unit 6 – “Who We Are”
The human body is a complex machine with systems that work together to contribute to personal well-being.
Diane Clement and Lucy Segura
Frindle By Andrew Clements
This is my 14th year teaching

I taught for two years in Japan.
Fun fact: The Sony Cybershot
Was just making it's debut when I left. So I have no digital pics to prove it.
I taught PE and kindergarten to 50
energetic Japanese children.
After three years in Colombia
I followed my principal to
After Japan, I made my way to Colombia and taught 4th grade for three years.
I believe we don't
need permission to
I believe in encouraging and inspiring others.
And now for what you really want to know.
What's going
on this year?

Around the classroom
We are looking forward to working together with YOU!
Learner Profile
Please take a moment
and if you'd like, write a
letter back to your
son or daughter
Feel free to read through some of your child's writing, It's in the yellow writing book inside their desk.
Please take four M & M's from the bowl and place them on an index card.

green - something that happened recently
red - something that you hope for your son/daughter this year
blue - something you fear
brown - a really proud moment
yellow - e memory you have of 3rd grade
orange - what you do for FUN!
Matias and Julia M. work on Math
Bosco shows his thinking skills while Sofia and Isa ae hard at work.
Allegra and Pia love working together
Constanza, Andres, Noam, and Ale are proud of their hard work.
Nicole works to finish her white tiger and 50 words
While in Japan I also spent some time under the sea.
One on many Colombian highlights
co-organizing the first ever
Colombian Terry Fox Run to raise funds and awareness
for the Cancer research.
When I'm not in the classroom ...
Andres and Andrea read to self
Rules :)
"You get a YAA when you do something good or pay attention." ~ Carlos P.
"You get YAA when you do something great." ~Ivanna W.
"If Ms. D. pulls your name at the end of the week, you can win a secret envelope or a prize." ~ Julia S.
"We have rules. One of them is showing
respect to my peers. If you don't follow
them, you get a reflection or may have
a time out." ~ Dani. F.
"In school, teachers and students try to see when we are knowledgeable, thinking, inquiring, balanced, communicating well, and much more so we learn different feelings every day." ~ Andrea O.
"On Friday, the banker pays class money to the students that did their jobs." ~ Noam B.
"Everyone has jobs. We change them each week. this week I am board eraser. Other jobs are police officer, banker and judge." ~ Julia M.
Every night you can find your homework on Moodle. Students in 3rd will have 30 minutes of homework Mon-Thurs, alternating Spanish and English.
"I love daily 5 You can read and write and it is very fun. I am glad there is daily 5 in the school and you get to learn more about how to read the right way." ~ Isa G.
"I think Math is one of the most important things to learn." ~ Cristina V.
not my pictures!
I think the police officer
is the hardest job. Luis A. M.
"The PYP attitudes are important for us." ~Jose Luis D.
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