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No description

Sammy Ang

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Uglies

By: Scott Westerfield
Prezi By: Sammy A.

Tally Before &After
What I find so interesting about the protagonist is that she changes so much throughout the entire plot of the book. Her experiences in the Smoke totally transforms her and her thoughts. Hours of work and sweat turned her from the unstable girl she was into a strong, independent woman she is now.
Uglies is set in a futuristic world where at the age of 16, you go under an operation that turns you into a stunningly beautiful Pretty. Tally Youngblood, the main protagonist is about to turn sixteen and is super excited until she meets Shay. Shay runs away to an outside civilization known as The Smoke where it is rumored that Uglies and Pretties live together peacefully. When Tally is left with no choice to go after Shay before her operation, her adventure leads her to learn more than what she wanted. The secrets about being Pretty are not all that pretty.

Before: Uninformed
Having lived in a city her entire life, Tally tends to be very close-minded about life in the wild. She imagines anyone outside city boundaries to be barbaric and crazy. “But how do people live out there, Shay?... It’s wrong to live in nature, unless you want to live like an animal.” (pg 92)
Before: Selfish
The days after Shay's departure, Tally is taken in for questioning by Special Circumstances. She is first asked to help find Shay seeing as she had close connections. When Tally refuses, Dr. Cable brings out the fact that she won't be given the operation until she helps find Shay and her destination, The Smoke. Only to become her desired for of Pretty, Tally agrees to go on a search.
Before: Quiet
Without her best friend who has already become a Pretty and is living in New Pretty Town, Tally is lonesome and quiet. She craves for a friend to keep her company during the days that lead up to her operation. Until she meets Shay, Tally has become somewhat of a "robot" who does the same thing every day with no inspiration and or will to do something extraordinary.
Life experiences will and can change you.
Uglies is definitely a book I would recommend to anyone especially in middle school. Though the protagonist is in her teen years, she is very easy to relate to. At times she can be frustrated, or angry or just plain sad. Readers from fifth to eight grade will easily agree to what she is feeling and will enjoy the book. All in all, Uglies by Scott Westerfield is a great book that I recommend.
After: Knowledgeable
Having learned and experienced hardship during her stay at the Smoke, Tally grows to understand why people chopped down trees and used animals for food. Tally learned that if Smokies did not do this, they would not be able to survive and their resistance would die. Survival is important, and in order to do so, one most do the best and the most they can.
In the end, Tally tends to have an open mind and thinks more of others. She is very thankful towards David who's helped her around her first few days of feeling unsure and helpless. After those experiences, she then continues to share that helpfulness with others ion need.
Well Spoken
One very distinguishable trait that she has gained by the end of the plot is openness. Back in Uglysville she was very quiet, lonely and unsure of herself. When living in the Smoke, she grew more confident, strong and was able to talk more freely. When she had to face the evil Dr. Cable and her Speacial Circumstances, Tally had more courage and strength to fight back.
Author Techniques:
-various ways of writing to keep the reader interested
Using objects to symbolize different things was really one of my favorite literary techniques used by Westerfield. For example, when Tally finds the white flowers on her search for the Smoke, she thinks its beautiful. However, later she finds out that is is a threat to the ecosystem. This part of the story symbolizes that not everything pretty can be good. This represents the pretty operation and how bad the lesions inserted into your brain are.
One of the major events of the story is the invasion by Special Circumstances. This event was foreshadowed when David visits his parents house and finds a knife. He explains that his father would never leave his knife behind, giving thed reader a hint that something went wrong.
I really admired Westerfield's ability to use the atmosphere to change the reader's feelings. For example, when Tally is faced with the big decision to go after Shay or stay Ugly forever, Westerfield made me feel the pressure of the circumstance. He included how Dr. Cables eyes were sharp and piercing , how clammy and unsure Tally felt, and the knowing of the big risk that comes with accepting the task. His description was very vivid throughout the entire book.
What makes this such a great novel:
Most readers can relate and understand the protagonist's situations
Every second is filled with action and suspense, the reader is always on the edge
Takes place in the future which gives the plot an interesting twist
Author's technique's keep the story exciting and mysterious making you want to read more
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