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Patagonia 5 Marketeers

No description

Kim Hall

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Patagonia 5 Marketeers

Founded as Chouinard Equipment in 1972 by Yvon Chouinard, strictly making climbing hardware
Based on Chouinard's love of the outdoors, the company quickly transitioned to have an environmentally friendly outlook "Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis" Lauren Villano, Matt Rider, Kim Hall,
Victoria Farnam, Brian McCarthy Product Competition Mission Statement Company History The Marketing Mix "We're a part of nature,
if we destroy it,
we destroy ourselves"
~Chouinard "For us at Patagonia, a love of wild and beautiful places demands participation in the fight to save them, to help reverse the steep decline in the overall environmental health of our planet" Yosemite
El Capitan Target Market Outdoors-men
Climbers & hikers
Environmentally-conscience Product Alpine Product Line Variety of jackets and fleeces
Varying weather conditions
Insulated, waterproof, windproof
Intangible factors
After-sale service, brand name, company image
Quality and long lasting
Environmental impact Placement Sale Channels Location, location, location
Four main sale channels
1. Retail
2. Wholesale
3. Catalog
4. Internet Promotion Advertisements
Social Media
Public Relations Instagram Instagram Price High price with high quality
More expensive than competitors
People willing to pay price for various reasons:
environmentally friendly
quality Uncontrollable Elements Price of materials
Competitors' prices
Societal Preferences
Economic downturn SWOT Strengths High quality
Long lasting products
Environmentally friendly
Manufacturing process
High employee retention Weaknesses Low employee turnover
Few customer loyalty incentives
Few high performance finishes
Less fashionable apparel Opportunities Increase in environmental activism
Increase customer loyalty incentives
Expanded target market
Global expansion Threats Competition
Aging target market
Changing active bodies Competitive Advantage Company's management
Environmental friendliness
Innovation The Five Marketeers indirect direct Marketing Firm
Suggestions Team up with Nalgene
Green initiative
Active lifestyle
New clothing line:
Donations to Green Energy
"Dam busting"
Increase availability
JCPenney, Macy's, Lord&Taylor Closing Remarks “Fear of the unknown is the
greatest fear of all. . .
but we just went for it."
~Yvon Chouinard,
180 Degrees South Patagonia in itself is a fascinating company that does everything in their power to put the environment before profits, which is not a common practice in today’s current and past business world. They aren't afraid to take risks, when it comes to innovation or a cause that they believe in. Perceptual Maps
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