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Graceling- By: Kristin Cashore

This is my presentation for an 8th grade book report.


on 21 August 2015

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Transcript of Graceling- By: Kristin Cashore

Book Title: Graceling

Author: Kristin Cashore


Number of Pages: 471

Genre: Fantasy
Point of View
Main Characters
Supporting Characters
A Graceling is a rare person
that is blessed from birth
with a Grace, or a unique gift.
A girl named Katsa is among the Graced,
and she is Graced...with killing.
Warning: The video you are about to see
contains extremely bad acting with some scenes that are not consistent with the book.
Author's Tone
Time Period:
During a medieval time; a time in which kings and queens ruled in castles. Also, a time of great danger.
In four of the seven kingdoms
The narrator tells the story using words that would be found in third person writing, but the story is conducted in such a way that Katsa's, the main characters, feelings are expressed in a way as if the story is being told in first person. The story is written from Katsa's point of view and her character is the only character who's thoughts are spelled out in front of you.
The author's tone can be described in many ways using an abundance of words. At times it can be described as and .
Other occurrences of narration throughout the book can be described as .
Sometimes, the book can seem more and than anything.
Although, there are many tones that can be listed to describe this book, one thing always stays consitent. This is the author's use of adjectives and her ability to always enable the reader to imagine the characters or the landscapes described using them.
Regal and Elegant:
"It had to be Wester or Nander or Estill who had kidnapped the Lienid granfather. Katsa could think of no other possibility, unless Lienid itself was involved. A notion that might seem ridiculous, if it hadn't been for that Lienid man in Murgon's courtyard. His jewelry had been rich: He was a noble of some sort. And any guest of Murgon's warranted suspicion. But Katsa didn't feel he was involved. She couldn't explain it, but it is what she felt. Why had Grandfather Tealiff been stolen? What conceivable importance could he have?"
"Their torchlight splashed the walls as they approached the cell. The Lienid man moaned and drew his arms in closer. Katsa caught a glimpse of his torn, stained clothing. She heard Giddon's ring of lock picks clink against itself. She would have liked to have waited to see that they opened the door, but she was needed elsewhere. She tucked her packet of pills into her sleeve and ran."
Descriptive and Informative:
"And then Katsa heard it- men's voices raised, yelling, and the thunder of hooves, coming closer. She ran after Po and broke through the trees several paces behind him. A woman staggard accross the fields, toward them, a small woman with arms raised, her face in a mask of terror. Dark hair and gold hoops in her ears. A black dress, and gold on the fingers she stretched out to Po. And behind her an army of men on galloping horses, led by a man with streaming robes and an eyepatch, and a raised bow, and a notched arrow that flew from the bow and struck the woman square in the back. The woman jerked and stumbled. She fell on her face in the snow."
Lady Katsa
Prince Po
Grace: survival

Birthplace: Middluns

Age: 18

Parentage: daughter of King Randa's deceased sister; Raffin's cousin

Persona: selfless, strong- willed, giving, brave

Distinguishing Features: one blue eye and one green eye

Description: Katsa is a strong girl who is the best fighter (and executioner) in all of the seven kingdoms. She spends her days doing her uncle's dirty work and her nights, helping other kingdoms in a secret orginazation alongside her allies. Katsa is a skilled fighter and a brave soul with a great heart to match. However, she fails to see herself as anything but a monster.
Grace: sensing

Birthplace: Lienid

Age: 18-22

Parentage: son of the King and Queen of Lienid; nephew to Bitterblue's mother, the Queen of Monsea; Bitterblue's cousin

Persona: smart, sarcastic, talented, caring, trusting, selfless, kind

Distinguishing Features: one gold and one silver eye, blinded near end of journey in book

Description: Prince Po is a laid back, sarcastic, and fair prince who enjoys practicing his fighting skills on his brothers and constantly driving Katsa up a wall. He is a truly trusting, caring, and loving person who hates to see the people who he loves in danger. He is also smart, selfless, and will do anything to save his loved ones- even if doing so could cost his life.
Grace: manipulation/influencing

Birthplace: unknown; lived in Monsea most of life

Age: unknown; most likely older than 40

Parentage: unknown; was adopted son of the now deceased King and Queen of Monsea; father of Bitterblue

(True) Persona: irritable, evil, cruel, unkind

Distinguishing Features: wears an eye patch

Description: King Leck was taken in as an orphan at the age of ten years by the old King and Queen of Monsea because of his knack at story telling. The king and queen were becoming old and still had no heirs. As a result, they named Leck the heir of the throne. The next day the king and queen were found dead along with their two advisors. Leck was named King of Monsea.
Present-day King Leck is a cruel man who enjoys torturing animals and children- even his own wife and child. He does this without anybody knowing because he has to ability to change anyone's opinion of him by influencing their mind to believe that he is a nice and peaceful King who is kind to all and takes in and heals injured animals. His Grace affects anyone who hears him speak or through any rumor that he once spoke to a person. He truly is an evil man.
King Leck
Grace: none

Birthplace: Monsea

Age: 10

Parentage: daughter of Leck, the King of Monsea; Po's cousin

Persona: strong-willed, kind, fair, leader, kind, loving, smart

Distinguishing Features: grey eyes, black hair

Description: At first Princess Bitterblue was not trusting towards anyone at all and did not seem to be a very strong-willed person, but a weak child. This is expected for she is the only child of King Leck and had been abused by her father for most of her life. However, she proved expectations wrong by how she survived on the long trek to Lienid. Along, the way she became very trusting and loving, a great and fair speaker, a survivalist, and good at defending herself. She is believed to make a great queen.
Princess Bitterblue
Grace: none

Birthplace: Middluns

Age: 20-22

Parentage: son of Randa, King of Middluns; Katsa's cousin

Persona: smart, kind, practical, brave, leader

Distinguising Features: blonde hair, blue eyes

Description: Prince Raffin is a kind person who does not agree with his father's selfish methods of rule. He believes in doing what is right and demonstrates this by being a part of the secret orginization that Katsa also participates in. He is very talented in math and science and often descovers remedies to illnesses and sicknesses. He was Katsa's best friend growing up and is very loyal towards her. He is believed to make a great king.
Prince Raffin
Randa City
King Randa's Castle
Prince Raffin's Quarters
Prince Raffin's Workroom
Dining Hall
Archery Range
Outdoor Area
Throne Room
Lord Ellis's House
Throughout the Hills of Middluns
Po's Castle
Dining Room
Katsa's Room
Throughout the Forests and Hills of Lienid
Murgon City
Murgon's Courtyards
An inn
Dining Room
Po's Room
Katsa's Room
A Family's House
A Ship
Throughout the Hills, Mountains, and Forests of Sunder
Throughout the Wilderness/ Hills and Forests of Monsea
Small Cabin
Grella's Pass
The Beach
Queen Bitterblue's Inauguration
Katsa is one of the Graced, a person with a given-upon-birth gift. The Graced are only marked by one thing-their eyes of two different colors. Katsa is first thought to be Graced with killing and as a result is forced to use her Grace to deal out punishments to anyone who wrongs her king, the King of Middluns. However, Katsa is also a part of a guild that helps those in need who the King would ignore. One day, as a mission for the guild, Katsa must rescue the kidnapped father of the King of Lienid. While performing this charitable action, Katsa meets Prince Po. Po is a supposed Graced fighter and happens to be the son of the King of Lienid and the grandson of the kidnapped grandfather, and he wants answers on his grandfather’s kidnapping. Po stays at King Randa’s castle for a while to decide how to best approach the problem while also perfecting his fighting skills with Katsa. As Po talks to Katsa, he realizes she is a puppet to King Randa. He convinces her that Randa has no real power over her and she does not have to do his dirty work if she does not want to. Katsa heeds Po’s advice and leaves the court with Po. The new mission: to find out who kidnapped Po’s grandfather and their motive. Throughout the journey they will learn more about the world they live in, each other, and themselves.
This story is filled with action, adventure, and romance and is a great read for anyone who wants a little more magic in their lives.
The theme of this story is not to judge a book by its cover. Most of the people in the seven kingdoms feared Katsa and believed her to be a monster with no feelings that enjoys killing upon sight. However, Katsa does not deserve this title because she does not enjoy hurting others and is only does this under rule of the king. As the book goes on, people begin to look past Katsa’s bad reputation as she helps others and realize that she is the kind, brave, and selfless person she is.
Another implication of the theme is King Leck. King Leck is exactly in Katsa’s situation, but in reverse. He has an extremely pleasant reputation and is considered the seven kingdom’s most kind and generous king. This reputation is just a false cover for an evil and manipulative man. He is Graced with influencing others on their views of him. Therefore, (symbolically) making himself have a beautiful cover with ugly words within the binding.
There is much that can be learned from this book. Other than not to judge a book by its cover, it also promotes good will, kindness, bravery, and selflessness to all those who read it.
I thought this book was excellent and I would definately recommend it to fantasy lovers. Its fast pace and never-ending plot twists kept me entertained. The characters in the world of Graceling are as lovable as they are complex with their multi-layered personalities. I thought that it was great that the setting of this book was in seven kingdoms during a medieval period in time. I also thought that the concept of Graces itself is awesome. The lessons the book taught were enjoyable and how the book was written in an elegant yet strait forward tone was great as well.
To be fair, there are a few downsides that I must include. I would have liked to have more detail on Graces, their history, and different kinds. In addition, more about the personalities and rule of the kings would have been nice as well. I would like to know more about how the seven kingdoms are run other than the kingdoms of Middluns, Lienid, and Monsea. The most information received about the other four kingdoms was attained through a 3 ½ paged narrative at the beginning of the book. This is understandable that the book would not go in-depth about either of these things, as the plot is not centered on them. One other thing that I found to be below the standard of the book is some of the romance. This is strictly personal because others may enjoy it, but I found that some of the romance between Katsa and Po was a bit nauseating. I think she over-killed it in two or three scenes with the romance, and one-step further and it would have been almost “Twilight-ish,” (with never-ending comments about Edward’s physical attributes.) I enjoyed most of the subtle romance, but at times, in my opinion, the author went into too much detail regarding Po’s face and Katsa and Po’s love for each other. At times, I wanted to skip to the next few pages.
Regardless, I found this book to be great as it constantly lived up and even exceeded my expectations and made me realize that most of the things I assumed to be true about the plot and characters was in fact not true. I could see this to be a good book for any gender and age, eleven and up (as it involves killing in some cases.) This book is a truly good read and I highly recommend it for its awesome plot, characters, and action. The world of Graceling is one that I would definitely like to visit, and I can with Graceling’s sequel, Fire.
Katsa is motivated by the urge to help others (despite her reputation.) She hates seeing another person defenseless and will sacrifice anything to help that person- including the safety of her life. Throughout the adventure, Katsa risks many things for others, some being people she does not know. The reason Katsa did not give up while in the wilderness is because of the people she meets and saves along the way. They provide her strength to keep going. Po, Raffin, Grandfather Lienid, Bitterblue, and many other’s frienship keep her going. King Leck’s attempt to ruin Po’s life, a person she loved, made her come to her senses in her shock long enough to kill the villain. Katsa motivation is shown very prominently in Katsa’s choice occupation, running a school that teaches girls how to fight.
Lady Katsa
Prince Po
Po's motivation is similar to Katsa’s. Po is motivated by love and loyalty. He embarks and stays on the mission to save his grandfather because of love. He finds and keeps Bitterblue safe because of love. He knowingly sacrifices his life and sight while severly injured by staying in the wilderness so Katsa and Bitterblue can escape from King Leck by love. Po is an extremely unselfish person who enjoys helping others. He will do anything for a loved one and often thinks that he can do everything for a person and protect them always- at the risk of himself. This frequently gets him into trouble.
The majority of the story takes place in the wilderness.
3rd Person
Map of the Seven Kingdoms
Book Preview
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