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About science and the scientific method

J.E. Mauger

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of SCIENCE

SCIENCE We all live by different "truths" in our lives and find those truths by various means Reason may lead us to philosophical truths Our cultural truths are often based on "common sense" Faith leads to religious truths "Science can be defined as a collection of methods for evaluating the credibility of knowledge claims about the experiential world. Science does not pretend to certainty; it only seeks better and better approximations of it. Scientific conclusions are continuously subjected to critical scrutiny. Science is, therefore, self-correcting."

G.A. Clark.
1998 NAGPRA, the Conflict between Science and Religion, and the Political Consequences. Bulletin 16(5), Society for American Archaeology, Nov. The scientific method ...leads to scientific truths-- statements about the world with a high probability of being true. Observation: Gathering information relative to a problem—”data.” Seeking patterns within data. Generalization Theory Explanation: Why something occurs. Prediction: Under what conditions is it likely to occur again Correlation: http://www.socialresearchmethods.net/kb/statcorr.php A correlation is a statement about the relationship between two variables.

The fact that two variables exhibit a degree of correlation does not necessarily imply cause and effect. The correlation may be spurious

The lack of a high school diploma correlates with a higher death rate.
Does the lack of a diploma somehow cause one to die earlier? Doing science: correlation Truth in science comes only from the application of the scientific method SEEKING "TRUTH"
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