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Copy of Copper Sun

No description

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copper Sun

Rising Action
Copper Sun
By: Sharon M. Draper
Presentation By: Jordyn Parks and DeAsia Thomas

Amari is sold to a rice plantation owner named Mr. Derby, but owned by his 16 year old son, Clay. Polly's indenture is sold to the same man, and both end up at the Derbyshire farms.
Polly, Amari and Tidbit realize they will have to escape or be at risk of being sold.They escape the next day after the shooting with help of a doctor.
The theme for this story is to always have hope in some of the worst experiences that you have. You should keep the faith and remember to not stop believing in what you want.
Internal conflict
Man Vs. Self
Polly had an issue coping with her parents death. She had problems keeping her feelings in and wasn't sure how to express them.
Mr. Derby's wife gives birth to a baby that is half- black . Their servant Noah is the father.
Out of rage, Mr.Derby shoots Noah and the newborn baby. Polly, Teenie, and Amari all get in trouble for trying to cover it up. But instead of Teenie getting sold her son Tidbit will get sold.
Falling Action
The runaways all experienced many hardships on their journey. With sickness, chances of getting turned in, and a frightening encounter with Clay where he tries to take them to go back to the plantation, It was all a shocking experience for the runaways.
The ending of the book is really amazing. The three runaways finally, after many weeks of traveling, make it to Fort Mose. The book made an impact by never forgetting to have hope that whenever you are in a situation.
Dynamic Character
Amari changed many times throughout story. During the story we saw Amari go from being a scared little girl coming off the slave ship, to a free independent, woman learning to take care of herself.
External Conflict:
Man vs Man
Both Amari and Polly always dealt with people always trying to ruin there spirits and tried to break them. Also during the their journey, many people tried to return them back to the plantation.
Carolina Colony

Main Characters:
Amari, Polly, Tidbit (Timothy), and Teenie

Point of View:
Told from both Polly and Amari's point of view.

Inciting Incident:
Amari's village is attacked by slave traders and she is put on a slave ship heading to America. Polly becomes an indenture worker to pay off her dead parents debt.
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