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Harajuku Girls

No description

Lindsey Farley

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Harajuku Girls

Who Are The Harajuku Girls? The Harajuku Girls are Gwen Stefani's backup dancers. They were hired in 2004. Stefani hired them because she was inspired by Japanese fashion & culture. They were named the "Harajuku Girls" based off the Harajuku Train Station in Japan. The Harajuku Train Station is a fashion phemona in Japan. The Harajuku Girls names were, Maya Chino, Jenifer Kita, Rino Nakasone-Razalan, and Makyuko Kityama. The four young, stylish, adults were given nicknames by Stefani herself. She nicknamed them, Love, Angel, Music, and Baby. The backup dancers eventually ended their careers with Stefani to start their own. All of the Harajuku Girls entered dance or art careers. Rino Nashane-Razalan (nicknamed Baby) Went onto the MTV show America's Best Dance Crew on a all female group called Beat Freaks.
The Harajku Girls at one of stefani's L.A.M.B store openings. How were the Harajuku Girls so Unique In The Way They Dressed? There are 3 main types of Harajuku clothing styles Decora&Kawaii, Gothic Lotia, and Visual Kei. The Harajuku Girls mainly focused on Decora&Kawaii style of clothing. Kawaii means cute or pretty in Japanese. The Harajuku Girls wore graphic shirts with characters such as Mickey Mouse or Hello Kitty on them, plaid skirts, bright and neon colored headbands, beautiful hairclips, and breathtaking eye makeup. Fake nails and eyelashes were often worn by the Harajuku Girls. Its very normal in Harajuku to see very strange eye makeup like this. How Did Harajuku Girls Influence American Style? The Harajuku culture& impact on America is well seen in everyday american style. Stores such as Hot Topic sell many trends that started with the Harajuku Girl's style and Harajuku culture. Hip pop artist Nicki Miniaj usually calls herself "Harajuku Barbie" when she records her music. American designers also use Harajuku as an inspriation in some of their clothes. Lady Gaga also enjoys using The Harajuku Girl's style in her clothes everyday and she has even wore gothic lotia pieces at red carpet events. Lady Gaga wearing a unique Kawaii outfit along with a Hello Kitty bow. Stefani started her own perfume collection in America based off of the Harajuku Girls. The Harajuku Girls with Gwen Stefani HARAJUKU GIRLS. (According to Wikipedia) (According to Harajukustyle.net)
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