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Little Princes: The Children of Nepal

No description

Ashlee McQuarters

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of Little Princes: The Children of Nepal

Little Princes: The Children of Nepal
Brother Conor / Conor Sir
Conor is your ordinary man.
Fresh out of college and ready to travel the world!
He decided that being a volunteer would be a great way to pick up women in bars once he got back home.
He never imagined the family he would come to love in the country so different than the U.S.
Conor enters the Little Princes house.
He is attacked by all of the little boys that love having a new "brother".
Conor learns the ways of their culture quickly.
He is surprised by how different it is from ours.
Little Princes is a house for orphaned children that were being trafficked.

A Day in Nepal
The average day in Nepal goes a little like this:
Wake up and join others for breakfast
.Every meal is a form of "Daal Bhat". Which is rice and veggies and sometimes a meat other than cow. This is served on large, platter-like plates. It is served scalding hot and eaten with ones bare hands. It can also be quite spicy.
With your meal comes milk tea to drink since the water in many villages is not healthy to drink.
Their way of showering is a lot like a community activity.
After this the children of Little Princes either go to school or play outside.
By the end of the day after Daal Bhat, they play games until it is time for them to go to bed.
The conflict in Nepal plays a major role in the book.
Due to the conflict between the government and Maoist rebels, the children and citizens are forced off the streets or they will be shot.
The Maoists are cruel and the government kills anyone associated with them. This is the same for those that associate with the government. They are killed by the rebels.
Because of all of the commotion, many secrets begin to unravel and Connor begins to tie loose ends together.
Getting The Full Story
Connor asks many questions and what he finds out shocks him.
These boys... these orphans... are no orphans at all.
They have families.
The story goes that during the civil war that divided the country many homes were approached by a man.
The children were being forced into the Maoist rebel army and many parents would do anything to save their children.
This man promised to take their children to safety.
All they had to do was pay a small fee. (Basically give everything they owned)
Emotions and Bad Timing
The children were never safe though.
This man put them into child trafficking.
He sold them and some who couldn't be sold were passed off to random families where they starved.
Conor wanted to find this man and have him locked away.
Unfortunately he had people working in the government that gave him protection and there was nothing Conor could do.
Besides Conor's trip was almost over. He had to go home.
Take #2
Conor did as he had promised the boys and he returned.
This time he returned with a mission.
1. He would open a house for the other trafficked children they had found.
2. He would find the parents of the children.
On his second journey he gets injured, but it does not stop him.
He locates the parents of the Little Princes and he opens a home like the one for the Little Princes.
Romance in Nepal?
Not quite.
While Conor was home raising money and awareness for the Little Princes and his cause, he gets an email from an inspired fan.
Her name is Liz and they share an email relationship up until his second trip.
She agrees to come visit him in Nepal, that is, if he makes it back from Humla alive.
The trek from Little Princes to Humla was covered in rebels and danger around every corner.
Luckily he made it back to Little Princes alive and was able to meet the woman he had some to love.
After volunteering at the Little Princes home in the village of Godawari in 2004, Conor Grennan returned for a second time.
He has launched his nonprofit organization dedicated to reconnecting trafficked children to their families.
He now resides in Connecticut with his wife (Liz) and two children.
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