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How to make and eat a COOKIE!

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h h

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of How to make and eat a COOKIE!

How To Make
And Eat A
Cookie First you will need :
-Shake n Bake cookies
-Habit of constant eating
-Baking pan
-Glass plate Goal
If your starving and want a golden brown fresh cookie or two then just follow these simple steps. Steps: 1: Pour milk into the Shake n Bake cookie container. 2: Put the lid back on the Shake n Bake cookie container. 4: Put the Shake n Bake cookie dough into the baking pan. 4: set the time for 12 mins and the heat at 350 degrees. 5: when you hear a beep open the oven and take the baking out. 3: Shake the Shake n Bake cookie container. 6: Wait a few secconds and grab the first cookie( DON'T EAT IT). 7: Put the cookie on a glass plate and take the plate somewhere you want to eat it. 8: Put the cookie into your mouth and chew then swallow Evaluation: If you feel full and remember just eating a cookie (that's not burned) then you have followed the steps correctly! You shoud be happy because what you just did was!
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